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Puzzle Roll-Up Mat Kit

Puzzle Roll-Up Mat Kit

Uncompleted puzzles roll up to safely store for later Sort and store pieces Glue finished work
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  • See instructions for the Store Kit and the Sort, Store & Glue Kit for more information
  • Kits do not include puzzle
  • Sort, Store & Glue Kit with Medium Mat can hold puzzles with up to 1000 pieces; Store Kit with Large Mat can hold puzzles with up to 2000 pieces
  • Please note: Choking hazard, small parts. Keep away from children under 3
  • Made in China
Mat: Feltlastic, velcro, rubber, (and glue in Sort, Store & Glue Kit)
Keep stored in a dry place
Sort, Store, and Glue Kit with Medium Mat includes
One 37.5” x 25.5” felt mat, velcro straps, bottled glue, glue spreader, sorting trays, and inflatable tube
Store Kit with Large Mat includes
One 30” x 50” felt mat, velcro straps, and inflatable tube
Medium Mat: 37.5" x 25.5"; Large Mat: 30" x 50"; Sorting trays: 7.75" x 7.75"; Tube 26"
Sort, Store, and Glue Kit: 3.5 lbs; Store Kit with Large Mat: 2 lbs
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (3 reviews)

Works Great
01/06/2020 by Teresa
I was skeptical but bought it for myself. I inflated the tube, rolled up my puzzle, strapped my straps and stored my unfinished puzzle. Then 2 weeks later I took it out and unrolled it and my pieces were all in place. Works great.
Surprisingly good
01/04/2020 by Christian
We have had other puzzle holders in earlier years. They were okay, but if we had a non-puzzle period they were hard to store without either damage or losing parts. This inflatable tube plus’s roll-up matt is perfect.
Great puzzle accessory
12/30/2019 by Theresa
Sent this as a Christmas gift. The recipient (an avid puzzler) was thrilled!
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Puzzle Roll-Up Mat Kit

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Uncompleted puzzles roll up to safely store for later Sort and store pieces Glue finished work
A puzzle roll-up mat kit with an inflatable roller neatly stores and secures uncompleted puzzles and makes it easy to transport one, too. Opt for the glue and sorting tray kit to organize pieces and save a masterpiece.


Eurographics is lead by Maker Ingrid Sinyor and is dedicated to the art, skill, and beauty of puzzles. The team there noticed out of all the puzzle accessories available, none seemed to combine every element a puzzle-lover would want to store a work in progress.

The puzzle roll-up mat kits contain all the bits aficionados need for puzzle storage and transportation. An inflatable mat lets you roll up an incomplete puzzle to carry or store until you’re ready to work again, and straps secure it all in place. Go for the stackable tray and glue kit to help sort pieces and glue a finished masterpiece together. more Their Story