3-in-1 Personal Air Cooler

By Evapolar


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This evaporative cooler creates colder surroundings as it humidifies and cleanses the air around you. Perfect for desktop or bedside use, the compact unit uses a basalt filter that blocks dust and even prevents mold and bacteria from building up. The result is clean, fresh coolness circulated just for you.

  • Materials: Plastic, basalt fibers
  • Includes air cooler, replaceable evaporative cartridge, power cord, power adapter, quick start guide, and user manual
  • 3-in-1 design cools, humidifies, and cleans dust particles from the air
  • Cools an area of 45 sq ft in front of the device
  • Emulates a natural air cooling process unlike most air conditioners that create a strong flow of cold, dry air
  • Reduces outgoing airflow temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Creates a cool personal microclimate using natural evaporative technology
  • Internal filter removes dust from air and helps to prevent mold and bacteria
  • Eco-friendly, energy-saving design uses only 10W of power
  • Operates for 4-6 hours on single water supply
  • It is recommended filter cartridges are replaced every 6-8 months
  • Please note: This device is recommended for dry, hot climates. Cooling degree depends on the outside air temperature, air humidity, and the set power of the device
  • CE and ETL certified with 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Water tank reservoir: 750 ml
  • Cooling power: 100W-350W
  • Noise level: 28-40 dB
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.7" x 6.7" x 6.9"
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

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12 Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Excellent product!

6/26/2019 by Jeff

It's a little pricey, but so worth it. A bit bigger water reservoir would have made it better.


Yes! Cold Air!

2/13/2019 by Valerie

This thing works great! You have to sit right by it but it is a "personal" air cooler. My kid uses it in the dorm and it makes the heat tolerable for sleeping.More > < Less


It works!

6/19/2018 by Pat N

We bought this for my husband’s office. The sun shines directly into his window, heats it up and he’s miserable during warm months. This unit works great, lowering the temp to comfortable levels. He’s thrilled.More > < Less


Works well for small areas

9/21/2017 by Cindy

This air cooler has made it possible for me to concentrate again. It sits on a shelf just next to my computer and cools off my desk area. During our last heat wave, I put it on my night stand and I was able to cool down enough to sleep. My temperature is warmer than my partner's so I am able to cool down without any complaints from him. It will not cool a room down but works amazingly well as a personal cooler, as described.More > < Less


It works!!

9/4/2017 by sandra

The area covered is small - definitely a one person machine. So it will not cool a large area - you do have to just sit in front of it. This past weekend we had record breaking heat - as in 111F outside, 99 inside. I just sat in front of this little gismo and the cool air was a lifesaver. It took about 12 - 15 degrees out of the air and that made a difference. And it is kind of a cool little thing - with fun stuff like being about to change the color of the reservoir.More > < Less

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Power your A/C with a USB.

About Evapolar

Cool Off

Evapolar is a personal evaporative cooler that combines the portability of a fan with the cooling power of an air conditioner. And it has the moisture-boosting benefits of a humidifier, too.

The built-in water reservoir saturates a basalt filter (made from igneous rock and glass), creating the cool evaporation. A fan helps circulate that fresh, moist air up to about 45 square feet around you—perfect for a desktop or small room.

Biodegradable basalt is a natural material that filters dust from the air, and it prevents mold and bacteria from growing inside the unit. That makes the cool air cleaner.

Eugene Dubovoy and Vladimir Levitin were looking for a better way to beat the heat at work. They based Evapolar on the same system used in the Russian subway, and gave it a scaled-down, eco-friendly design. You can even charge the device via USB to create the perfect personal climate just about anywhere.