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Anchoring Wall Plate with Fast Charger

by Everlet

Full Details

  • Remove existing wall plate from the outlet, plug in your plug adapter and thread your charging cable through the wall plate. Attach the Everlet into the wall with your original cover’s screw
  • Phone charger remains anchored to the wall
  • Built-in cord organizer for wrapping excess cord
  • Versatile charging cord features three connectors
  • Made in China
One wallplate, one adapter plug, one 3 ft long cable with three connectors: Lightning (MFI-approved), micro-USB, and USB-C
Charging Speed
2.1A quick charge
Wall plate: 2.75" x 3" x 4.5"; Charging cable: 36"
0.2 lb


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Anchoring Wall Plate with Fast Charger

by Everlet

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Easy-to-install phone charger · Attaches to any wall outlet · Fast-charging connectors
The wall outlet charging station secures a phone charger in place on an existing wall outlet so you’ll never lose it. The easy-to-attach plate has a built-in fast charger and includes a three-foot long cable with swappable connectors for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices.
Small Business Support


Everlet Maker and attorney Keith Cyzen is a busy person and spending time looking for a lost phone charger was causing problems. He missed important calls due to an uncharged phone, and his solution of duct taping a charger to the outlet was foiled by one, if not all, of his five children. He knew there had to be a better way.

His wall plate secures the charger to an electrical outlet, creating a permanent (immovable) charging spot. Or you can opt for Everlet’s fast charger that’s equipped with connections for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices. It’s easy to install and handy to place in many spots in your home or office—so you never have a flat battery again.