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ExtremeMist® PCS
Portable Misting System

Cool sips and refreshing mists · Lightweight, portable hydration solutions · Camping and beyond

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  • Customize your cooling experience with an 8-speed wireless remote control
  • Includes 16 feet of mist line with four mist nozzles spaced four feet apart that clip to tents, canopies, umbrellas, golf carts, or anywhere else you want to extend your outdoor activity
  • Neoprene cover attaches the misting system to most structures
  • Uses up to one gallon of water every 45 minutes on high speeds
  • Feed line connects to any sized clean water container
  • Cool down quickly with an easy setup that’s done in a matter of minutes
  • Made in China


16 ft misting line with four nozzles pre-assembled, 8-speed wireless remote control for mist density, rechargeable battery with built-in USB power bank, 170psi powerful misting pump, 4 ft feedline, carrying case


Pump: 7.5" x 1.5" diameter; Feed Line: 4'; Total Hose Length: 16'


1 lb


Hoses: Sure thane polyurethane, Nozzles: Mesh Brass Filter; Battery: Lithium-ion; Protective cover: Neoprene


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