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  • Pet Touchless Vacuum by EyeVac - 1
  • Pet Touchless Vacuum by EyeVac - 2
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Pet Touchless Vacuum

by EyeVac

Full Details

  • Instructions: Plug the EyeVac into a standard wall outlet. Press the power button to turn the unit on. The unit will be in automatic activation mode. Press the power button again for manual mode, and a third time to turn the unit off. See manual for full instructions
  • Infrared sensor automatically detects debris
  • Easy to clean with bagless canister
  • Great alternative to a central vacuum
  • Pre-motor and exhaust filters remove 99.7% of particles from air exiting the vacuum, minimizing allergens
  • Electrical cord measures six feet
  • EyeVac Pet is not for commercial use and will not be covered under warranty if used in a commercial setting
  • Please note: Do not use to vacuum up any liquids or ash from fireplace
  • Made in China
Plastic, rubber, hardware, electrical, filter
Spot clean as needed. Wash filters with warm water and mild soap as needed
One EyeVac Pet, one canister, one filter, one filter screen, one exhaust filter
Canister capacity
4.8 liters
14" x 8.5" x 21"
15 lbs

5 avg. (11 reviews)

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Pet Touchless Vacuum

by EyeVac

starting at $139.00

No pet hair left behind thanks to a touchless vacuum that’s always ready to get to work. Sweep things like hair, dirt, and debris up to the EyeVac. Infrared detectors sense the motion and automatically vacuum it all up. The roomy canister doesn’t need bags—just empty it into the trash when it’s finally full. Washable pre-motor and exhaust filters help remove allergens from the air put back into your space from the device, too.
Small Business Support


There is a lot to appreciate about the EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum. It’s convenient, low-profile, effective—and above all, it’s always ready to get to work.

The stationary vacuum waits patiently for you to sweep things like dirt, pet hair, dust, and crumbs up to it. An infrared sensor detects the motion and the vacuum sucks it all up—even that pesky dirt line sweeping always leaves behind.

It’s an easy solution that means no more hauling out a heavy vacuum or bending over a dustpan. It doesn’t take up a lot of space or a lot of effort to maintain. The roomy canister goes bag-free, so you can simply empty it in the trash when it finally gets full.

This vacuum works to clean the air around it, too. Washable pre-motor and exhaust filters remove 99.7% of particles (like allergens) from the air exhausted out of the unit. So, yes, we’d say that cleans up pretty nicely.