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  • FaceOff Junior - Pink by FaceOff - 1

FaceOff Junior - Pink

by FaceOff

Full Details

  • Instructions: Using warm water, wet cloth to remove dirt/makeup and cleanse face. Wash the cloth thoroughly with mild soap and water after each use and hang to dry
  • Unique blend of ultra-thin microfibers
  • Eliminates and removes excess oil and face and eye makeup
  • Designed to trap and remove dirt, grime, oils, and impurities
  • Free of detergents and chemicals
  • Great for the home, gym, and travel
  • Reusable alternative to makeup removers and disposable wipes
  • A cleanser for all skin types (even acne-prone skin)
  • Made in China
80% polyester, 20% polyamide
Hand wash. Reusable cleansing cloth should be replaced every 3-4 months
9" x 9"
0.5 lb


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FaceOff Junior - Pink

by FaceOff

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Clean kids' faces with just warm water and this super-soft makeup remover cloth. FaceOff Junior wicks off the dirt, oil, and even face paint. Its fine, microfiber weave is designed to delicately exfoliate without any added substances. Wash it off with soapy water to reuse and start fresh. It leaves skin feeling soft and clean.
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Adine Binder

Freshen up and wick off the dirt, grime, and oil from the day with just water and this makeup remover cloth.

Its thin-as-hair microfiber weave cleans your pores after a quick dip in warm water. The cloth isn’t treated with soap or other substances, which makes it extra harmless on sensitive skin and sensitive areas of your face (think: mascara-coated lashes).

FaceOff is eco-friendlier, too. You’re not throwing out makeup wipes after a single run. Once the dirt is off your face and on the cloth, wash it off with soapy water, then rinse. It all comes right off and your cloth goes back to its original, super-white form.

Maker Adine Binder knows the perils of face cleansing all too well. She struggled with acne and breakouts into adulthood and wanted a straightforward, soft solution. She distilled it to a single, dependable ingredient: water.

Thoroughly wipe off the day’s grime with something portable, super-soft, and gentle on your skin.