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Burgundy/Gray Tassel Necklace Burgundy/Gray Tassel Necklace

Burgundy/Gray Tassel Necklace

Social Enterprises

Full Details

  • Materials: Leather, açaí seed, tarnish- resistant cold-colored copper wire, nickel-free brass chain
  • Care: Avoid exposure to water and high humidity levels
  • Two different colored handmade leather tassels, combined with natural açaí seeds, hang at two different lengths—adding an element of charm to any outfit
  • Designed in New York City, and handcrafted in our artisan workshops
  • Items are hand-dyed and may have slight color variations
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Total length: 36", Chain length: 31", Tassel length: 2.75"
  • Chain length: To Burgundy Tassel: 13.5"; To Gray Tassel: 17.5"
  • Weight: 0.04 lb.
Social Enterprises


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Burgundy/Gray Tassel Necklace

These Jazz Age-inspired necklaces are crafted by artisans in Ecuador in return for a living wage. Two hand dyed, richly colored leather tassels at different lengths make for a layered look, while an açaí seed adds visual interest.

Faire Collection

Faire Collection unites sophisticated buyers with artisan jewelry and accessories, handcrafted in developing nations around the world.

It’s a labor of love for Amanda Judge, a Tufts graduate with a master’s in economic development. At age 26, she quit her job in finance to volunteer in Latin America in a poverty eradication program. She eventually ended up in Ecuador, where she met local artisans making lovely jewelry.

She quickly realized there was a lucrative market for their work, one that could make the struggling artisans enough money to break an entrenched cycle of hardship. Amanda traveled back to the States with two suitcases full of jewelry, and sold out immediately. Faire Collection was born.

Today, Amanda meets with makers around the globe and brings their work to high-end retailers and socially conscious boutiques. In return: hundreds of hardworking artisans have vastly improved wages and better lives. more Their Story