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  • Flux Skill Magnetic Toy by Feel Flux - 1
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Flux Skill Magnetic Toy

Full Details

  • Optimized for tricks that are easy to perform but hard to master
  • Made from quality aluminum for a bright and shiny look with a leather cover for a stable grip
  • Faster ball and more dynamic experience than the Original Flux Magnetic Toy
  • Asymmetrical design allows you to stack several tubes together and perform a broader range of tricks
  • Please note: Contains a very powerful magnet
Aluminium, neodymium, nickel, leather, linen, paper
Single: One Flux Magnetic Skill Toy, one magnet ball, one linen pouch; Set of 2: Two Flux Magnetic Skill Toys, one magnet ball, one linen pouch
(each) 2.36" x 2.36" diameter
(each) 0.76 lb

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Flux Skill Magnetic Toy

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Anti-gravity amazement · Master challenging tricks · Made with aluminum
The Flux Skill toy defies gravity at an eye-catching rate. Simply drop the magnet in the tube and see how it shoots through at a rate faster than the original. Try challenging tricks that hone hand-eye coordination while they amaze with anti-gravity magic.
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Feel Flux

Adam Lanyi and Tom Somlyo, the creators of Feel Flux, were engineering students in Budapest, Hungary, when they invented a simple toy based on their studies in the field of magnetodynamics. The toys? They’re irresistible to science and non-science fans alike. Drop the magnetic ball in the tube and watch it defy gravity as it makes its way down at an intensely delayed pace that’s a hand-eye coordination feat. Keep one on your desk as a conversation starter or relaxation booster, and even learn tricks to dazzle your friends.