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  • Original Flux Magnetic Toy by Feel Flux - 1
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Feel Flux
Original Flux Magnetic Toy

Copper and leather · A relaxing conversation starter · Walnut wood desktop stand

This flux magnetic skill toy puts anti-gravity power in your hand. Simply drop the magnet in the tube and watch it make its way down at a speed your eyes won’t believe. It’s a relaxing and captivating conversation-starting toy to keep on your desk. Made in Hungary with copper and leather, it comes with a walnut wood stand, too.

  • Drop the ultra-strong magnet ball into the copper tube to demonstrate the mesmerizing effects of Lenz's law. The ball will float through the tube slowly without touching its surface, creating an antigravity experience
  • See and feel the beauty of physics. Works great as a conversation piece or a zen relaxation tool
  • Made of high-grade copper and leather for a premium look and feel
  • Please note: Contains a very powerful magnet
  • Made in Hungary


One Original Flux Magnetic Toy, one magnet ball, walnut desktop stand


2.36" x 1.97" diameter


1.51 lbs


Copper, neodymium, nickel, wood, leather, paper, synthetic velvet


Remove stains and oxidation with cleaning cloths made for metal surfaces


Feel Flux

Adam Lanyi and Tom Somlyo, the creators of Feel Flux, were engineering students in Budapest, Hungary, when they invented a simple toy based on their studies in the field of magnetodynamics. The toys? They’re irresistible to science and non-science fans alike. Drop the magnetic ball in the tube and watch it defy gravity as it makes its way down at an intensely delayed pace that’s a hand-eye coordination feat. Keep one on your desk as a conversation starter or relaxation booster, and even learn tricks to dazzle your friends.