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Firefly Fuel
Clean Burning Lamp Oil

This clean burning lamp oil has benefits paraffin oil doesn't. It burns without any soot, smoke, or odor, and it lasts longer, too. Each ounce can power an oil lamp or candle for about six hours and works indoors or outside. Made in the USA.

  • Made in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Instructions: Use in conjunction with Firefly Fuel's oil candles and lamps. Keep your wick 1/16" or less above the wick holder to conserve fuel and prevent smoke
  • Clean-burning oil is long lasting
  • Each ounce of lamp oil will last roughly six hours
  • Smokeless and virtually odorless fuel
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Features childproof caps
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Please note: Not for use in table-top fireplaces, effusion lamps, or catalytic lamps that require gel fuel or alcohol-based fuels. Not recommended for tiki torches or vessels using a wick larger than 3.6 mm, which is a little over 1/8", as it will smoke. Keep out of reach of children
Made in the USA


9.5" x 3" diameter


1.8 lbs


Distillate (petroleum), hydrotreated medium


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Firefly Fuel

When Firefly Fuel Makers Phil and Susie Tyson were looking for a paraffin oil alternative to burn in their lamps, what they found came up short. So the duo dug deep into fuel research and eventually made their own oil that is cleaner and lasts longer…

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