Handmade 13" Garden Tool Set

By Fisher Blacksmithing

Wide Trowel
Three Tined Rake
Square Blade Hoe
Pointed Hoe
Narrow Style Tulip Trowel

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Hand-forged garden tools based on functional and time-tested designs. Set includes one of each: Pointed Hoe, Narrow Trowel, Wide Trowel, Three Tined Rake, Square Hoe.

  • Handmade in the USA: Bozeman, MT
  • Materials: Hand-forged steel blade, black walnut handles
  • Weight and strength of tools supports increased capability when working in soil
  • Turned handles provide comfort
  • Pointed Hoe: Versatile hoe with curved head and carefully balanced weight. Ideal tool to break up soil, dig holes for transplanting, and weed around both flowers and vegetables
  • Narrow Tulip Trowel: Narrow trowel that is perfect for planting bulbs or removing weeds with a long taproot
  • Wide Trowel: Wide blade, simple and sturdy. This timeless trowel can be used for everything
  • Three Tined Rake: This elegant rake is great for breaking up dirt and attacking weeds that have shallow, runner-type growth
  • Square Blade Hoe: Sturdy hand hoe with squared-off head, specifically designed for cantankerous weeds
  • Dimensions: 13" x 2"- 4" (blade width varies based on tool)
  • Weight: 0.88 lb.

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Perfect gift

2/6/2019 by Sharla

I bought a set as a Christmas gift for my husband. He really likes the solid construction and is happily using them in our garden. They weigh a bit more but this seems to make working the soil easier. The smooth wood handles are comfortable. They are worth every penny I spent.More > < Less



5/15/2018 by Stella

Nicest, best quality, most useful, beautiful, fun to USF garden tools ever experienced. Highest recommendations for a well-crafted, most useful set of tools. My love of gardening has been enhanced by these gorgeous handmade garden toolsMore > < Less



5/6/2017 by Blaine

Absolutely beautiful. I bought these for my parents. My father was a welder and metal worker for 40 years...he loves the work! Great product....gotoduct....got some for myself as well!!!More > < Less


Functional Pieces of Art

12/31/2016 by Dianna

The quantity and beauty of these can not be matched!! I have this to my mom as a gift and she was enamored with them!! My sister-in-law, who is an avid gardener, was there when the gift was given, and was visibly jealous!!More > < Less


hand tools with style

10/31/2016 by Leanna

Bought this for a gift. Now I want a set.

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Fisher Blacksmithing - Handmade Garden Tools

About Fisher Blacksmithing

A Traditional Toolmaker

Sometimes the simplest things are the most exquisite. Blacksmith and metal artisan Tuli Fisher makes garden tools. It sounds ordinary, but what makes the tools special are his commitment to a lost craft and the quality of his creations.

Tuli forges each trowel, rake and hoe by hand in his Bozeman, Montana, workshop with domestically sourced materials. He uses traditional blacksmithing methods to heat, shape, and hammer the iron, and he hand-turns the hardwood handles. His artistry is evident in the details. Tuli bends the side tines below the ferrule on his hand rake to create a fleur de lis shape, for example. The curved shape of the pointed hoe makes it a hardy, versatile tool with a leaf-like profile, and the narrow trowel has teeth on one side to maneuver around roots and dig through hard soil.

Tuli’s labor of love combines his blacksmithing expertise and studies of traditional tool-making. His foray into garden tools started when a neighboring farmer trudged through the snow to ask Tuli to repair some tools. After fixing the tools and making even better ones, Tuli found his new passion.

It takes Tuli a lot longer to make each tool by hand than it would with conventional manufacturing methods, but the payoff is worth it. Garden enthusiasts (like Tuli himself) can really feel the difference.