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  • Makeup Repair & Creation Kit by FIXY Makeup - 1
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Makeup Repair & Creation Kit

Full Details

  • Instructions: See user manual for instructions. Keep in mind that when ground, makeup is about 2x larger in volume before pressing it. This will help you select the appropriate tin
  • Magnetic tins keep your makeup palette organized
  • Makeup press leaves the makeup looking brand new
  • Quick and easy process takes less than four minutes
  • Can use makeup immediately after fixing
  • Binding solution will not change the color of your makeup
  • Please note: Mica-based and glitter makeup may not bind well with the kit. Tins are slightly deeper than typical makeup tins
  • Caution: Keep binder solution out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from fire
  • Main unit, binder, and tins: Made in the USA: Erie PA; Paper and silicone: Made in China
Main unit: Plastic, silicone, paper, magnets. Tins: Metal; Binding solution: Isopro alcohol, cyclomethicone
Hand wash with soapy water. Use the enclosed brush to get powder off the grinder and out of the corners of the base. Dry and reuse
Blending box, makeup press, custom pick with scraper, mini brush, grinding tool, three small tins, three medium tins, three large tins, 0.68 oz of FIXY binding spray, and one FIXY magnetic makeup palette. Makeup not included
Tin capacity
Small: 0.05 oz; Medium: 0.12 oz; Large: 0.35 oz
4.25" x 4" x 4.25"
0.94 lb

5 avg. (5 reviews)

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Makeup Repair & Creation Kit

starting at $33.96 $44.00
Save cracked and smashed makeup ┃ Grind, bind, and press ┃ Blend custom shades
Fix and mix cosmetics with this clever makeup repair kit. The set contains the tools you need to grind, bind, and press broken and cracked eyeshadow and powder back into shape, and you can use it to create your own custom shades and blends, too. Nine magnetic tins and a palette are included to house the newly minted makeup.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

FIXY Makeup

FIXY Makeup Maker Jill Rossini is a trained esthetician who dropped (and seemingly ruined) her favorite pricey eyeshadow not just once but three times. This inspired her to create a way to salvage cracked and broken still-good makeup and stop wasting money on replacements. Jill’s neatly stacked, bento-style solution repairs shadows and powders that have met with an unfortunate fumble. With the repair kit and tools, you can mix your own custom cosmetics or quickly and easily grind up broken makeup, bind it with a spray solution, and then press it back into shape. Just like that, what was once broken is now good as new.
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