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Floral Lotus Tisane

Floral Lotus Tisane

Makes tea time mesmerizing to watch Flower blooms as tea steeps Releases fragrance and flavor

Full Details

  • Materials: Lotus flower, glass container, and wooden cork
  • Care: Store tisanes in a cool dry place
  • Includes: One collectible glass container with 8-10 lotus flower tisanes
  • Instructions: To brew the tisane pour three cups of boiling water and wait 3-5 minutes. Best enjoyed if brewed in a glass container
  • Lotus is grown only in a single plantation adjoining a Buddhist temple
  • Caffeine-free, pure whole lotus blossoms to enjoy as an herbal tea
  • Unique subtle flavor, soothing honey aroma and stunning appearance
  • No tea bags necessary, each lotus can be brewed twice
  • No added flavors or coloring
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 4.2" x 4.2" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 0.95 lb


4.5 avg. (2 reviews)

Floral Lotus Tisane
09/06/2018 by Ruth
Absolutely love how beautiful these look, and they taste delicious too!!! So fun to drink a beautiful tea!!!
Delicious, But Photo is Deceiving
07/25/2018 by Tristan
I purchased these to accompany a teapot as a gift. The tea was a hit due to the incredibly fresh, exotic and unique flavors. However, the visual impact the photograph gives the impression they will have while steeping is deceiving. There is nowhere near the fresh-flower-like 'bloom' that happens. However, it's still a good purchase as the flavor is a delight.
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Floral Lotus Tisane

Makes tea time mesmerizing to watch Flower blooms as tea steeps Releases fragrance and flavor
Transform the age-old ritual of making tea. These dried tea flowers are actual lotus buds sourced from a monastery on one of China’s holy mountains. Their golden honey aroma evolves into a subtle, more herbal taste and fragrance as you drink. You’ll receive eight to ten flowers which, depending on their size, are good for up to two infusions each.

Flower Pot Tea Company

Transform tea time into a mesmerizing display with these blooming flower teas and tisanes.

Both are real flowers. The blooming teas put on a beautiful show, opening slowly while they steep and deliver delicious flavor and fragrance. The tisanes are actual dried flowers that add a unique floral taste to the brew.

To showcase the flowers’ beauty as you enjoy its taste, Flower Pot Tea is meant to be served in glass. Each kit guides you with instructions, time estimates, and the number of infusions (or the lifetime) of each flower.

The blooming teas and all of the tea flowers are sourced directly from different regions in China. And each tea is unique. The Lotus Tisane, for example, gathered from a monastery on one of China’s holy mountains, has a golden honey aroma that evolves into a subtle herbal fragrance.

Whether you’re hosting friends or serving yourself a cup, these fragrant flowers entertain the senses. more Their Story