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Plane Standing Desk Balance Board

Plane Standing Desk Balance Board

Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Made for the office or living room, this balance board is designed to improve balance and add subtle movement to your workday
  • Patented design allows 360-degree (omnidirectional) movement
  • Rocker base enables full range of motion yet maintains reasonable limits comparable to that of walking
  • Anti-microbial foam top prevents odor and adds extra cushion
  • Recommended for users under 250 pounds
  • 1% of all sales benefits the non-profit First Descents providing free adventures for young adults surviving cancer
Base: 100% Recycled post-industrial HDPE; Top: Non-microbial foam (100% recyclable)
Use warm water and mild soap to wipe down the deck. Dry off completely before using. Do not use chemical cleaners
See user guide for more information
24"x 12" x 3"
6 lbs
Made in the USA


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Fabulous product
10/08/2019 by R
Well made, stable, easy to use, and fun! Way to spice up a work day. Love this product.
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Plane Standing Desk Balance Board

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This standing desk balance board is made to keep your body as alert as your mind by encouraging 360-degrees of non-distracting micro-movements. This subtle activity can increase energy expenditure and improve posture, help strengthen your core, make you feel awake, and even burn calories. Made in California with non-microbial foam deck and recycled plastic skeleton base.


The standing desk balance board wasn’t created in a workday. In fact, it took maker Joel Heath twenty-seven prototypes until the FluidStance hit the spot. Joel was an avid biker, skier, kayaker, and runner, but a change in jobs had him sitting 60-80 hours a week. He realized all that sitting left him physically and emotionally drained. Even a stand-up desk didn’t do the trick, as it took a toll on his hips and knees.

Joel took to his garage to tinker with a solution that would play well with standing desks, while promoting non-distracting, stabilizing movement. Tested to perfection by the Mayo Clinic, University of Idaho, and independent testing labs, FluidStance fulfills that function, with a dash of fun thrown in. Made entirely in California, the sturdy decks allows for 360-degrees of movement, which can improve posture, boost productivity, and even increase energy expenditure by 19.2 percent compared to sitting.

While giving folks the opportunity to move while working, the team at Fluidstance is also giving back to a cause special to them. Sales proceeds, company equity, and employee time are all donated to First Descents, an organization that provides adventure experiences to young adults with cancer. more Their Story

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