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Hammock Tent Underquilt

Hammock Tent Underquilt

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  • For use in conjunction with the 4-in-1 Hammock Tent
  • Warm, light, and breathable even in extremely wet and cold weather
  • G-LOFT® fibers trap air in countless, small cushions, providing optimal and lasting insulation in all directions
  • Filling does not absorb moisture, allowing for high thermal performance even under wet conditions
  • Equipped with a hood for use as a parka
  • Materials are Oeko-Tex100 certified
  • Made in China
Additional Information:
Filling: G-LOFT® Si, 100% polyester; Fabric: 100% polyester
Machine washable
106" x 57" x 1.6"
3.3 lbs
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Hammock Tent Underquilt


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This hammock underquilt adds an insulating layer that nestles under the flying tent, so no warmth escapes and no cold enters from the bottom or sides. Equipped with a hood, it can also double as a parka. All underquilt materials are machine-washable, warm, light, and breathable.

flying tent®

The flying tent took two years to develop, but Maker David Dietrich was up for the challenge. He knew that although people love lounging in hammocks, they’re in a bind if they can’t find two trees with the perfect gap between. He sought to simplify outdoor recreation by creating one essential combined camping product that would be small, but mighty.

Lightweight, versatile, and quick to install, flying tent is an all-terrain accommodation for hikers, campers, and festival-goers. It can serve as a hammock, bivy tent, hammock tent, and even a rain poncho. Compact, durable, and waterproof, it dries quickly and its clever ventilation system minimizes mugginess and condensation while keeping bugs at bay. Opt for an insulating underquilt to help keep cold out and warmth in, so you’ll stay cozy no matter where this tent is hanging. more Their Story

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