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Food Waste Recycler Food Waste Recycler

Food Waste Recycler

Full Details

  • Built-in sensory technology to maximize energy efficiency
  • Quiet, compact design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Odorless, no venting or additives required
  • Great as a soil amendment, landscaping, and topdressing
  • Breaks down organic waste in as little as 3 hours
  • For indoor use
  • Made in China
Plastic housing, ceramic waste bucket, PCB board, and carbon pellets
Electric composter, 2.5 L non-stick ceramic waste bucket, and two activated carbon filters
Rinse with soap and water. Removable bucket is dishwasher safe
13" x 12" x 11"
23 lbs


4 avg. (13 reviews)

Very frustrating
06/05/2019 by Beverley
I really wanted to like this--the results are great--lovely compost. HOWEVER, after a few months it started to get "stuck" on the grinding cycle. Grommet put me in touch with the manufacturer, who are very nice. They first replaced the unit, but that did not solve the problem: sometimes it worked, sometimes not. It was perhaps related to which bucket I was using (I had purchased a spare one) but not always. So I contacted the manufacturer again, and once again, they were helpful. However, I needed to try various experiments to see what might be causing the problem, and since I live alone, I didn't have massive amounts of produce scraps to discard, so all that experimenting (along with a couple of trips) meant that I wound up going past the one-year mark, so they basically said, "You are past your warrantee date and there's nothing else we can do." I was taken aback by that, indeed. I still use the machine, although it almost always gets stuck on the "grinding" cycle and I need to remember to turn it off manually. Since it is in my garage, that sometimes doesn't happen in a timely fashion and I have no idea whether this is safe to leave "on" for many hours (eg, overnight). Another complaint I have is that it gives you a "change filter" light based on time, not on usage, which is really silly. If you don't use it as much, then why would you need to change the filters as often? There should be a way to count how many cycles the machine has gone through, not simply how many days it has been since the filter was last changed. Overall, it is a great idea with quite unpredictable performance--for something this expensive, it should just WORK. (Remember I have had the same experience with TWO different units, and I have used almost entirely veggie scraps, plus some egg shells and some tea leaves--not a lot of sweet/citrus fruit, and no other foods, bones, etc.) This just feels like a waste of money, not an investment as I had originally hoped. I feel the Grommet should reconsider offering it here, since that is basically a ringing endorsement, which I don't feel this product deserves, at least not yet.
Great 5% of the time
03/04/2019 by Kim
The 5% of the time that this works it is awesome. Unfortunately most of the time it creates a giant stuck baked on mess that you have to soak and scrape from the bucket and even unscrew the arm from the bottom in order to get it cleaned out. We do not eat animal products so there are never bones, meat scraps or eggs, only fruit, veggies and tea leaves. I've tried different ways of putting stuff in trying to figure out a way to avoid it becoming a solid baked chunk. I've watched videos and read information on how to use the machine to see if there was a way to put stuff in that would keep this from happening. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter. Honestly I haven't had a good result in a long time. The fact that I have had a good result keeps me hopeful that it could happen again. Last time my partner said enough- time for it to go. I'm so disappointed because it is quite a lot of money and although the idea is exciting I only got the promised result a few times. A lot of money for aggravation and disappointment.
01/18/2019 by Lavonne
We can’t say enough great things about this product! It is absolutely amazing. In 4 weeks we have filled half of a 5 gallon paint bucket with the recycled waste and cut our garbage in half! We love that you can put meat or fat scraps in it too. If the end product is a little wet, we just run it a second time. Our refrigerator also looks amazing because we don’t have the same guilt about throwing something out . Can’t wait to see how the recycled waste benefits our yard and garden!
Food waste recycler
10/17/2018 by Janice
So far, this machine is working as promised. The food in it does not smell, even though it takes me several days to fill it up. There is one concern I have, and that is this: when I sprinkled it on some potted plants outdoors, the waste turned moldy. I don’t know if I should have raked it into the soil rather than leave it on top. Any suggestions?
Very disappointed. Don
07/27/2018 by Jill
Very disappointed in this product. It worked ok for the 1st couple months. Then everytime the food is stuck to the inside and to the moving parts. I have to soak it everytime and spend too much time cleaning it. I would highly recommend taking this back to the drawing board. Take it off your site!!! Can I get my $$ back? Jill Berg
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Food Waste Recycler

Transform your food scraps—cooked and uncooked—into a beneficial addition to your garden. This food recycler takes just three hours to dehydrate them and reduce the volume by about 90%. And it does it neatly, with heat and vibration that uses little energy and leaves no odor. Add it to your soil outside, and with some water and time for the byproduct (your incredibly shrunken leftovers) to decompose, it’ll release micro-nutrients that help plants grow.

Food Cycler

This energy-efficient food recycler will transform your kitchen scraps into a beneficial mixture for your yard—fast.

Toss any unwanted food, cooked and uncooked, right on in—peels, cores, veggies, and even bones, shells, and meat. Food Cycler dehydrates and sterilizes food waste with heat and vibration, reducing the volume by 90% in less than three hours. Thanks to a carbon filter, the process is odorless.

Your amazingly shrunken scraps can go straight to your garden or lawn. It’s prime landscaping material, too. Once it’s watered and begins to decompose, it’ll release micro-nutrients like phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen that help plants grow.

Unlike traditional composting, Food Cycler takes hours (not months) to get your food waste away from landfills and in your yard. more Their Story

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