Electrolyzed Solution Refill

By Force of Nature

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This set of refills lets you keep on making homemade, non-toxic cleaner. You’ll get an electrolyzed cleaner & deodorizer by combining the activator capsules with ordinary water. Low levels of energy make this super powerful cleaner as effective as bleach.

  • For use in conjunction with the Electrolyzed Cleaning System (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA: Elmira, NY
  • Materials: Plastic, water, salt, and vinegar
  • Includes 25 activator capsules
  • Each capsule equates to 12 ounces of cleaner & deodorizer
  • Dimensions: 5.87" x 4.63" x 3.38"
  • Weight: 0.45 lb

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Love it! Clean and safe for my kids!

12/15/2018 by rebecca

I have really enjoyed having this kit. I wanted something safe for my toddler to be around when I clean. Now I have a newborn and it's extra important to me. It does a good job of cleaning. An extra perk is that my 3 year old loves setting it up by filling water and emptying the packet into the bottle, pressing the start button and watching it bubble and light up (under my supervision of course). He then loves helping me clean. So sweet. And I'm glad he can... Because it's safe.More > < Less


Clean as a whistle

7/7/2017 by Toni

Great product. So glad to find it on Grommet!


Low cost refills make cleaning effective

2/8/2017 by Roberta

Easy to make, use and keep your house clean and sanitized! VERY cost effective and safe! This wonderful system breaks you away from the gripe grip of large corporation's toxic cleaners.More > < Less


Best thing I ever bought

1/19/2017 by Hoku

Force of Nature is the best cleaning product I've ever bought. It's already saved me money. I plan to buy one for each of my family members.


See above

10/18/2018 by Louann

Same as the sprayer.

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Do you electrolyze before you clean?

About Force of Nature

Natural but Tough

Can you list the ingredients in your cleaning supplies?

With this system, you can transform simple salt, water, and vinegar into a cleaner and deodorizer as effective as bleach.

By processing these household ingredients at low energy levels, Force of Nature creates two powerful—but non-toxic—cleaners. Sodium hydroxide will cut through the grime and grease while hypochlorous acid thoroughly removes odors.

Mix the activator capsules with water, then press the button to get this full-fledged cleaning system to work its science. Spray and wipe stovetops, bathrooms, highchairs . . . even dirty sports gear.

Maker Sandy Posa was exposed to the super cleaning benefits of electrolyzation after working at a multinational household products company. He wanted a bigger market to benefit from a grease-, grime-, and smell-killing solution that’s free from scents, allergens, and irritants.

It’s a safe, all-purpose cleaning system that—once set in motion—saves you money and gives you a clean, odor-proof home.