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Moldable Thermoplastic Tape

Lightweight, flexible, and remoldable · Self-bonding · Tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds

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Keep this thermoplastic tape on hand for fix-its and patch-ups, to create a custom grip, or to do some heavy-duty jobs. The self-bonding tape is lightweight and flexible and becomes moldable (and remoldable) with heat. It hardens in minutes and has a tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds. Just heat, press, and repeat. Made in Maine.

  • Made in Saco, Maine
  • Instructions: See instructions for full information
  • Can be reheated and reformed several times
  • Single ribbon has tensile strength of over 1,000 lbs
  • Lightweight ribbon is easy to carry in included tin
  • Flexible design allows you to mold, shape, and form as desired when heated
  • Surface can be painted
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children
Made in the USA


One 20-foot ribbon of tape, one reusable storage tin


20' x 0.9" x 0.01"


0.19 lb


Polyethylene strands, linear resin


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Forj thermoplastic tape Maker Joel Dyksterhouse is a composites engineer and he was always interested in exploring different material applications. When he first created the tape, he took it on a weekend hunting trip to try out—and it was soon all used up. The flexible, lightweight, and self-bonding tape repaired a canoe and worked as a tie-down strap during Joel’s trip, and it’s a versatile and durable fix for almost-endless situations. All that super-tough fixing, patching, and custom grip-creating power comes from thermoplastic fibers and thermoplastic polymermatrix that give the tape a tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds. Just heat, press, and repeat to mold the tape to suit your job.

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