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  • Second-Skin Long Garden Gloves by Foxgloves - 1
  • Second-Skin Long Garden Gloves by Foxgloves - 2
  • Second-Skin Long Garden Gloves by Foxgloves - 3
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Second-Skin Long Garden Gloves

Full Details

  • Review sizing guide before selecting
  • Fit hand fully into glove for complete dexterity, gently pull sleeve up beyond wrist to protect from plant oils and scratches. Rinse or wash when finished
  • Comfortable fit for complete dexterity
  • Silicone ovals provide non-slip holding power
  • Breathable, water-resistant knit fabric keeps soil out, keeping hands and nails clean
  • Great for removing weeds, planting, pruning, or even driving a car
  • Please note: Avoid open flames and high heat
  • Made in Indonesia
88% supplex nylon, 12% lycra elastane
Machine or hand wash, dry using low heat or line dry
One pair of gloves
UPF Rating
Lab certified 50+ for maximum sun protection
Health Facts
Dimensions (varies)
10" x 3" x 0.25" - 12" x 4" x 0.25"
0.07 lb

5 avg. (35 reviews)

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Second-Skin Long Garden Gloves

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Thin and flexible fit · Protects hands and arms from soil, oil, and thorns · Versatile and durable
These grip gardening gloves protect your hands while promoting comfort and dexterity. The non-slip grip helps you keep a handle on things, while the breathable, water-resistant fabric keeps hands and nails clean. Perfect for everything from gardening and pruning to dog walking.
Small Business Support
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Foxgloves bloomed into being thanks to Maker Harriet Zbikowski. The former pro-horticulturist bore proof of her green thumb in the form of soil stains all over her hands. Unfortunately, the only available protection was bulky work gloves, which were more obstructive than constructive. Harriet then tried dress gloves from the ‘50s, which she spotted at thrift stores. While the fit was ideal, the cotton fabric lacked durability. She had the idea to blend that classic glove design with modern, high-performance textiles.

The resulting Foxgloves satisfy the best of both worlds. Each pair is flexible and versatile. Perfect for weeding, pruning, and even driving, a pair boasts a robust grip and unimpeded dexterity, with a comfortable yet protective ultra-thin fit. With varying lengths and added padding, Foxgloves protect hands and arms (even all the way up the elbow) from sun, soil, thorns and more, keeping busy hands safe.