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Flocked Non-Slip Hair Pins Flocked Non-Slip Hair Pins

Flocked Non-Slip Hair Pins

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  • Materials: Metal and microfiber
  • A package contains 10 large (3 inches) and 10 small (2 inches) pins
  • U-shaped French hairpin flocked with a fiber coating
  • Fiber coating creates a high-friction surface to hold the hair in place
  • Great for those with thick hair
  • Great for up-dos, buns, braids, twists and more
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Large: 3" x 0.25"; Small: 2" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.056 lb
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (47 reviews)

perfect fix
11/19/2019 by SLKRR
Bad investment
11/01/2019 by Margie
At first I loved these & even gave some to my hairdresser!! But then to my displeasure the felt comes off after using a few times & they then just catch on the hair I wound up throwing them away & so did my hairdresser! Wish I had my money back!
Really useful because they don't fal out.
09/03/2019 by Judy
I really like these hair pins. They are very easy to use and once in place, they don't slide out. You can't poke your head with them because of the cushioned ends, and they slide in where you put them but don't fall out. A few go a long way. Luv 'em!
Absolutely unbelievable!!!
05/13/2019 by Marjorie
I've had long hair all my life & have worn it up, either in a bun, French twist or chignon for almost 50 yrs. I have bought & used numerous hairpins, clips, barrettes, etc., to no effect, but none of them have been effective as these Frenchies. Absolutely unbelievable!!! I couldn't believe that I don't even feel them on my scalp. I'm so used to others digging into my scalp & irritating my skin. And it's again, unbelievable, that they also hold up my hair without sagging or falling down. I only wish I had invented them. LONG LIVE FRENCHIES!!!
These hairpins are GENIUS!
04/19/2019 by Cat
Remember when a good hairpin was so common that we took it for granted they'd always be around? That was a long time ago and several trips around the world. I used up the last of my good French pins a few years ago and have been searching from London to Tokyo with little luck. I wear my long fine straight hair up for medical work, volunteer charity work or special social events - so almost every day. Finally! A hairpin that stays in place, doesn't scrape your scalp or tear your hair and removes like dream. (important at the end of a long day). I was a little skeptical buying them because they are pricey and I've had to toss a lot of pins in the trash. But hairpins are a daily staple and The Grommet makes it easy to try them out. So if you've been looking all over the world or just the internet, you're heavenly hairpin wishes have been answered. I have just one request of the genius inventors - please do this with a long straight pin too!
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Flocked Non-Slip Hair Pins

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These French hairpins are coated with a velvety microfiber that helps keep braids, buns, twists, and other hairstyles in place throughout the day.


These non-slip hairpins make sure your updos stay up.

Makers Elena Caruso and Elena Talan took their design cues from those velvet-covered, non-slip clothes hangers. Their French hairpins are coated with a velvety microfiber that helps keep braids, buns, twists, and other hairstyles firmly in place.

And they come in different colors to blend in with the tone of your own hair. Whether you use them for your daily hairdos or more elaborate special-occasion ones, these keep your hair looking great throughout the day. more Their Story