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Baked Goods Preserver - Set of 2

Naturally preserves and adds moisture to baked goods · Made of BPA-free silicone · Dishwasher safe

This unique kitchen gadget will keep your baked goods fresh, moist, and delicious for longer, without the need to store them in your fridge. Simply fill the tool with water and place it inside a sealed container with your baked goods to extend their shelf life. It's uniquely undulated shape is designed to be spill-proof and fit all standard cupcakes, Bundt cakes, and muffin containers.

  • Made in Miami, Florida
  • Instructions: Pour one ounce of clean or distilled water into the preserver to ensure non-spillage, or up to three and a half ounces if spillage is not an issue. Place the preserver inside a sealed container along with your baked goods and store at room temperature
  • Naturally preserves freshness and adds moisture to baked goods
  • Designed to fit all standard cupcake, Bundt cake, and muffin containers
  • Uniquely undulated shape holds water securely and reduces the risk of spills
  • Works with all confections
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Two Baked Goods Preservers


(each) 2.25" x 2.5" diameter


(each) 0.03 lb


BPA-free polypropylene


Dishwasher safe


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Fresco means fresh in Spanish and that’s exactly how Catalina Garcia’s simple, yet so smart invention keeps your favorite baked goods. Growing up, Catalina learned from her grandmother and father that the best way to keep baked goods moist was to keep a glass of water in with them. When she became a mother and carried on the tradition, family and friends started to notice the water. She would share the secret and would always hear back how well it worked. The only issue? The water would often spill. Cat got to work and after two years of developing and testing, created the perfect shape—a chef’s hat—to keep spills away and moisture in. Now this family secret is ready to work its wonders in your kitchen.

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