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  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 1
  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 2
  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 3
  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 4
  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 5
  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 6
  • The Nutter Bike Multi Tool by Full Windsor - 7

The Nutter Bike Multi Tool

Full Details

  • Functions: Nylon tire lever, 15 mm box head spanner, spoke key, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm hex tool bits, Phillips head screw driver, flat head screw driver, T25 torx bit, magnetic tool bit extender, bottle opener
  • Lightweight tool features hardened stainless steel body
  • Uses 100% recycled card for the packaging
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made in China
Stainless steel, leather
Leather pouch, eight tool bits
6.5" x 1.5" x 1"
0.5 lb


The Nutter Bike Multi Tool

starting at $59.95
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Featuring all the essentials for fixing your most common bike headaches. The Nutter combines all the tools you need when out riding into one simple unit. Its unique design and distinctive form turns the tool into a handle, giving you more leverage than other multi tools on the market. The tool weighs just 3.9 ounces.

Full Windsor

Award winning Kiwi industrial designer Mark Windsor founded Full Windsor in 2011. All of their products are made from the highest quality, sustainably responsible materials that they can get their hands on and are designed to last the test of time.

Sustainability is at the heart of Full Windsor and titanium is one of the most beneficial metals to recycle because it can be reused again and again with virtually no loss of quality. It's cheaper and less environmentally dangerous to recycle titanium components into new materials than it is to mine fresh titanium from the earth.

The company knows the key to sustainability is efficiency. Their designs use less material and energy for the most useful result. Even though all of the gear is made from 100% recyclable materials, no amount of recycling will equal using less in the first place. Full Windsor gear does more with less.