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Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle Box

Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle Box

An always-evolving toy transforms into new shapes Flip, fold, connect, explore
Independent Maker

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  • Instructions: To open, start at one of the corners and pull it open like a pistachio. See instructions for more information
  • 36 rare earth magnets allow for each box to create over 70 shapes, see shape guide for more information
  • Combine two or more boxes to make even bigger shapes
  • Please note: Contains sharp angles and edges
  • Made in China
Rare earth magnets, injection molded plastic
Wipe with cloth as needed
One box and instruction booklet
Awards and recognition
2019 Winner ASTRA Best Toys for Kids, 2019 CHITAG TAGIE Award Finalist, 2020 TOY OF THE YEAR Finalist
2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
0.27 lb
Independent Maker


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Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle Box

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An always-evolving toy transforms into new shapes Flip, fold, connect, explore
The Shashibo magnetic puzzle box is ever-evolving into new forms as you flip and fold it into a variety of shapes. Combine two boxes to make even bigger shapes. Kids and adults alike will want to get their hands on the twisting and turning fun and explore the science of magnets and structure.

Fun in Motion Toys

Shashibo Makers Andreas Hoenigschmid and Kevin Daniels bonded over their shared love for fire performing. Andreas, a mathematician and artist, introduced Kevin to a puzzle he created and spent years perfecting. Kevin, of course, was drawn to it as well.

The magnetic puzzle box opens up a world of discovery and play for children and adults. Transforming the box into new shapes (fun fact: Shashibo stands for “shape shifting box”) provides endless exploration and fun. Flip, fold, twist, and turn—and keep endlessly changing what’s in your hands. Kids can connect and combine multiple boxes to create even more shapes and unique patterns while also getting hands-on experience with STEM principles. more Their Story