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Small Cuckoo Clock

FunDeco’s Flew the Coop No Cuckoo Cuckoo Clocks give new meaning to “fun décor.” These modern cuckoo-less clocks feature a real quartz clock surrounded by a lightweight, environmentally sustainable paperboard frame. Made in the USA with a quirky take on baroque style, FunDeco clocks look great in dorm rooms, kids’ rooms . . . anywhere there’s room for fun.

  • Made in Sussex, Wisconsin
  • Family business based in Milwaukee, manufacturing all products in Wisconsin
  • Vintage-inspired "Flew the Coop No Cuckoo Cuckoo Clocks"
  • Lightweight—easy to hang on any wall, and no assembly required
  • Environmentally sustainable—made from recycled materials and fully recyclable
  • Great for dorms, kids' rooms, or just as a fun, bright spin-off from traditional cuckoo clocks
  • Requires a AA battery; not included


7.75" x 11.75" x 2"


0.22 lb


3 mm ConVerd paperboard, quartz clock movement

This product cannot be shipped to a PO box.

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How do you improve on the ornate cuckoo clocks made in Germany in the 18th century? FunDeco did it by taking a real functioning quartz clock, putting it in a lightweight paperboard frame, giving the classic baroque design a quirky update, leaving o…

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