Macbook Charging Cord Winder

Macbook Charging Cord Winder

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: ABS plastic
  • Adjustable cable length allows for 12-foot length from outlet to computer
  • Compatible with 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, and 87W standard Magsafe Apple chargers for 13” and 15” MacBook Pro (pre-2016) and MacBook Air
  • USB C version compatible with newer 61W and 87W USB-C Apple chargers for 13" and 15" MacBook Pro (post-2016)
  • Reels in cable in less than five seconds
  • Helps extend life of your charging cable and prevent bending or fraying
  • Please note: Charging cable not included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5" x 4" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (14 reviews)

08/17/2019 by Penelope
I don't know what Apple was thinking with the design of their charging cord setup. It is a nightmare! It is constantly tangling and fraying, and the things cost a fortune to replace so when I saw this I thought it was probably too good to be true. After a three week trip with these obnoxious cords I bought it anyway. It's a miracle and a lifesaver! I absolutely love it! Whoever came up with this is a genius. I can't believe how easy it is to use.
Chunky but Convenient
05/18/2019 by Debi
This item will be great for when I need to take the MacBook out of the house. It is a bit chunky but will keep the chord stored neatly. I wish I had known that I would need a different charger, one that allows me to use the winder with a Mac. I had to purchase that item separately from Fuse Reel for an additional $20. Of course, now Fuse Reel announces the new winder in black! I'm fine with the white one!
This gadget is a cord saver
02/14/2019 by Havilah
It keeps my cord from being bent in odd ways and saves me $80 from buying a new cord every 9 months. The kid in me can't wait to use my computer cuz you pull on both ends to unwind it!
A Product I Didn't Know I Needed!
01/26/2019 by Anna
It's always been awkward to wrap a MacBook charging cable for travel with two different width cables and a heavy brick in the middle. Problem solved! The brick is protected in the middle while the two cable sections wrap neatly. No worries about bending the cables in the wrong place because the Fuse Reel positions cable and brick safely.
Not what I expected
12/16/2018 by Shelly
I paid for this because I thought you could plug in without having the big wall unit from Apple and it would take up less room- not what I got at all !
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Macbook Charging Cord Winder

So long, tangled and jumbled cable mess. This MacBook charger cord wrap winds it up in five seconds—no, really—and keeps the cable neatly organized, perfect for popping in your backpack or bag. This also helps prevent the cord from fraying and breaking.

Fuse Reel

While he was a university student, Logan Bailey looked for a MacBook charger cord wrap and came up short. So this entrepreneurial spirit decided to make his own way to keep the cable in check.

The side winder works like a reel. It winds up the charging cable in under five seconds and keeps it neatly and compactly organized. Not only does this prevent a tangled and jumbled cable in your bag, it also helps to prevent the cord from fraying and breaking. When we tried it out, we liked how the side winder lives on the cable, so it’s always at-the-ready to do its reeling job. And now that we’ve experienced how easy it is to use, and how organized it makes things, we don’t want to go back to the messy, tangly way we used to roll. more Their Story