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Pesticide Purifier

Remove up to 99% of common pesticides · Folds down flat for easy portability

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  • Electrolysis splits water molecules into ions, resulting in tiny microbubbles filling the basin. This electrolyzed water creates an alkaline environment, and along with the existing chlorine in your tap water, breaks the the molecular structure of chemical pesticides, rendering them into harmless non-toxic substances easily washed away with water
  • Remove up to 99% of common pesticides
  • Remove 99.9% of Chlorpyrifos and Dichlorvos
  • Quick and easy to use with just a 10 minute cycle
  • Eat more vegetables with peace of mind
  • Folds down flat for easy portability
  • Charge anywhere using USB
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Made in China


One Pesticide Purifier with charging base and cord. Power adapter not included


15" x 15" x 2.5" 5.75"


2 lbs


Plastics, silicone, PCB board, metal


Rinse and air dry after use

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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