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GPS Connected Safety Whistle GPS Connected Safety Whistle

GPS Connected Safety Whistle


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  • How to use: Press emergency button or blow GEKO Smart whistle for 2 seconds to activate emergency SOS with GPS location via texts and emails to pre-selected contacts
  • Emergency location tracking, bluetooth connected to phone GPS
  • Automatically notifies emergency contacts via texts, emails, and voice recording
  • Bluetooth connected GPS tracker updates user location every 2-3 minutes until SOS deactivated
  • Compact, discreet, and easy to use
  • Can program up to three emergency contacts
  • Works with iOS and Android platforms
  • Battery powered: CR2032 battery
  • Please note: Must have WISO and Google Maps apps enabled on smartphone
  • Made in Taiwan
Plastic housing, silicone rubber, LED indicator
3" x 1" x 0.5"
0.18 lb


3.5 avg. (5 reviews)

Great but some concerns
09/25/2018 by susan
I love knowing I have this and can send an alert to family as I recently find myself along now. One thing is that it loses its pairing sometimes and I don't know why. So I do check to make sure its blinking blue every so often, especially when I go out.
not a thorough description in the pre-purchase area
12/28/2017 by Sally
I thought this would be great gift for my hiking daughter. But in the very fine print somewhere, I should have seen that one would need a wi-fi connection to make the 'alert' signal work. So ir won't work for us! I'll have to return it. A very good thing, though, is that getting the return authorization form was easy! Thank you, Grommet. Now I just need to get to the Post Office!
Thumbs down
12/08/2017 by Annie
They don't tell you you and the people you want contacted have to download an app called "line" and than you can test it for free a few times to see if this confusing whistle is working. After that you have to pay to be able to signal withit
More color choices
08/26/2017 by Carla
Really need a purple one. Daughter wants a red one.
safety first
05/11/2017 by stephanie
I bought 2 of these for my college age daughters. I don't think you can ever be too safe when it comes to protecting those you love.. so I feel it was a good investment.
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GPS Connected Safety Whistle

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Activating this emergency tracker is as easy as blowing a whistle or pushing a button. Do either to call, text, and send emails to your trusted contacts in an emergency or if you’re otherwise feeling unsafe. Your exact location is sent every two to three minutes until you deactivate the alert with an all-clear message. It’s a low-profile way to feel safe, whether you’re out at night or as a just-in-case precaution.


GEKO has paired the tried and true safety whistle with an emergency tracker to give you 21st century peace of mind. With a blow of the GPS-connected whistle (or the stealthier push of a button), GEKO calls, or sends an email or text message to three of your contacts. They’re notified of your exact location, too—and will receive updates on your whereabouts every two to three minutes until you deactivate the alert.

It’s a simple but tech-savvy way to stay safe—like if you’re out late at night, to keep kids prepared for emergencies, or just for an extra sense of security. This smart whistle is one you’ll hope to never have to use, but will feel safer to have on-hand. more Their Story