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  • The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager by Gelliflex® - 1
  • The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager by Gelliflex® - 2
  • The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager by Gelliflex® - 3
  • The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager by Gelliflex® - 4
  • The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager by Gelliflex® - 5

The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager

Full Details

  • For full instructions, refer to the user manual
  • Incorporates four non-latex Gelliprene balls of different firmnesses
  • Customizable into thousands of configurations
  • Designed with non-skid feet for use on or against a desk or table
  • Can be held in numerous positions for maximum comfort
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of pets and children. If you experience any pain, discontinue use. The Abacus is not a medical device and is not for or intended to cure, treat, prevent, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or condition
  • Made in China
Frame: PC/ABS frame; Rail system: Stainless steel; Spacers and end caps: Glass, nylon; Axles: Stainless steel; Balls: Gelliprene; Carrying bag: Nylon
Spot clean as needed. Keep out of extreme heat or sun exposure
Abacus frame, six end caps, six spacers, one purple Gelliprene ball (least firm), two green Gelliprene balls (medium firmness), one blue Gelliprene ball (most firm), one nylon carry bag
13.86" x 6.83" x 2"
2.65 lbs

5 avg. (5 reviews)

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The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager

starting at $125.00
The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager is a Gelliprene® gel-ball trigger point massager targeted for those who seek relief from hand, finger, thumb, elbow, or arm aches and pains. The massager incorporates a set of interchangeable solid steel axles and non-latex elastomer gel-balls of varying firmness, allowing you to customize their formation into thousands of restorative combinations.
Small Business Support


Maker of Gelliflex® and inventor of the Abacus® trigger point massager, Craig Olschansky suffered from hand, wrist, arm, and elbow repetitive stress and neuropathy. Massages were great, but massage therapists weren’t always available. He tried various self-massage tools but addressing this part of his body required a different tool for each issue and technique. He wanted to use one tool rather than a collection and to use it when and where he wanted.

His solution: the Abacus which marries rubbery-feeling Gelliprene® balls of different firmness levels to a multi-slot stainless steel system to hold them in your chosen array. Configure and customize the Abacus into thousands of restorative combinations to create the hand, wrist, arm, and elbow self-care massage experience you want in one easy-to-use tool.