Lightweight Garden Hose Kit

By GF Garden


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This expandable, lightweight garden hose makes it easy to water your garden. It can extend up to 50 feet with water pressure and retract when the job is done. It has a three-jet nozzle and a silicone carrying and storage bag keeps the hose tidy between watering sessions. Made in Italy.

  • Materials: Hose: Polyester, PP, ABS plastic, POM; Bag: Silicone
  • Care: Always empty the expandable hose after use
  • Features ergonomic three-jet nozzle gun
  • Patented design is attached to silicone carrier & storage bag
  • Self-expandable hose extends to up to 50 feet with water pressure
  • Hose retracts when not in use
  • Practical, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Great for watering plants and flowers or cleaning external surfaces
  • Ideal for small gardens, terraces, or balconies
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 12"
  • Weight: 2.73 lbs

3 Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Best Garden Gadget Ever!

6/15/2019 by Ann

I bought this in hopes it would alleviate lugging a heavy hose around, and then having to wind it back into the hose reel. This lightweight hose does the job! It is easy to carry and winds up in a jiffy! I bought another one for my front yard and for my brother!More > < Less


Concerned about the pilling.

8/7/2019 by Nicholas

As a whole the garden hose kit is attractive and useful. However, in the short time we have owned it, the hose exterior has begun to pill. I have no way of telling how this will impact the life and and utlity of the hose. In the meantime, all is well. Thnks for asking.More > < Less


Super Lightweight

6/26/2019 by Jessica

I wanted something light and not bulky that would be easy to pack if I moved. So far really enjoying it. My only criticism is the materialthe material on the outside of the hose seems to catch on stuff as you pull it with you. It will be interesting to see how it holds up.More > < Less

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About GF Garden

Water in the Garden

How does your garden grow? Easier now, thanks to GF Garden’s watering solutions. They're all made to make maintaining your plants and flowers as streamlined as possible.

They lighten up the retractable hose reel so it's easy to carry around the yard. The smaller size weighs less than four pounds and the larger size weighs in at seven pounds—and both can be mounted to a wall, too. A braided, flexible hose retracts back into the reel when you’re done.

The self-expanding hose kit is lightweight and it can extend up to 50 feet with water pressure. It comes with a silicone carrying and storage bag to keep things tidy when the watering is done. And for potted plants and flowers, water spikes do the job. One can release water from a water bottle at a steady rate straight to the roots. See how easy it is to keep water flowing and help the garden look its best?