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Plant Watering Spikes

Plant Watering Spikes

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  • Materials: PP, ABS, POM, PE, TPO, SEBS
  • Includes: One set of three watering spikes
  • Easy to use. Requires only plastic bottles to water plants
  • Steady and measured release of water to plants, watered by constant drip irrigation
  • Delivers water straight to the roots
  • Adjust flow with a handy tap positioned on the front of the spike
  • Works with any kind of pot or planter
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Please note: Plastic water bottle is required for use
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: 5.9" x 11.02" x 1.96"
  • Weight: 0.42 lb


3 avg. (5 reviews)

I like them
07/01/2019 by Stella
I like them
06/30/2019 by Jaime
I love these plant watering spikes. I do not have a green, and never to remember to water my poor plants. These spikes are so easy to use, and they keep my plant perfectly watered.
watering spikes
06/19/2019 by Anne
I ordered these to keep a pot of hydrangeas watered while we were out of town. I came home to a dried out pot and dead plant. The water would flow rather quickly out of the bottle and wasn't the drip irrigation I thought it would be. Sad I spent the money on this.
Very handy
06/05/2019 by Joan
These are great. Being able to use large bottles makes using them in outside plants very handy.
These do not work.
05/20/2019 by JUDITH
This does not work for me at all. There were no real directions.
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Plant Watering Spikes

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This set of three plant watering spikes is an easy way to keep potted flowers and plants consistently hydrated. A spike uses a water bottle to release water at a steady rate straight to the roots. Adjustable flow. Made in Italy.

GF Garden

How does your garden grow? Easier now, thanks to GF Garden’s watering solutions. They're all made to make maintaining your plants and flowers as streamlined as possible.

They lighten up the retractable hose reel so it's easy to carry around the yard. The smaller size weighs less than four pounds and the larger size weighs in at seven pounds—and both can be mounted to a wall, too. A braided, flexible hose retracts back into the reel when you’re done.

The self-expanding hose kit is lightweight and it can extend up to 50 feet with water pressure. It comes with a silicone carrying and storage bag to keep things tidy when the watering is done. And for potted plants and flowers, water spikes do the job. One can release water from a water bottle at a steady rate straight to the roots. See how easy it is to keep water flowing and help the garden look its best? more Their Story