Retractable Garden Hose Reel

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  • Materials: PVC, PP, ABS, POM, rubber, steel
  • Includes: One garden hose reel, two soft touch hose connectors, 0.75” hose tap connector
  • Lightweight, retractable hose reel
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Portable and can stand up on its own
  • Mini features three-jet ergonomically designed nozzle
  • Maxi features eight-jet ergonomically designed nozzle
  • Ideal for watering plants, flowers, and pots on patios, balconies, verandas, and small gardens
  • Wall-mountable for storage
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: Mini: 12" x 5" x 12"; Maxi: 12" x 14" x 7.5"
  • Weight: Mini: 3.89 lbs; Maxi: 6.63 lbs


2.5 avg. (8 reviews)

Do not buy
08/21/2019 by Sandra
I purchased the largest garden hose. ALL the connectors come off sometimes one and other times two or three. I don't even ture water power on all the way and it still comes apart. Prepared to get WET the worse thing I ever bought. I wish I could return it
Do NOT Buy This Product
07/12/2019 by Tammy
I loved this hose and reel. It worked so well. Until today when the hose, which, it turns out, is just a pressure fitting, blew out of the spray nozzle and squirted water everywhere. Very undesirable when you live in a drought area. No matter what I tried: reattaching the hose to the sprayer, running the water with even less pressure (it wasn't running at more than half pressure when it blew), using a different sprayer setting, nothing worked. Within seconds of turning the water back on, the hose blows itself out of the sprayer. I am very disappointed. Especially because I went to such lengths to never leave the hose out in the sun, always roll it up and put it away, etc. Obviously the quality I expect and had always received before from The Grommet is lacking in the Retractable Garden Hose Reel.
All Connections Came Off Due to Water Pressure
06/26/2019 by Stephanie
When Put together BOTh GF Garden: Retractiblr Garden Hose Reel & had everything tightened, put on water & the water pressure blew off EVERY connection, (including the part that is pre connected at the warehouse, leaving lots of flowing water squirting & spraying all over me. Had to buy a regular hose to use for now while I figure what to do next.....
Easy to use, hard to put away
06/21/2019 by Carol
The hose is lightweight and makes watering my patio plants easier, but afterwards using the reel to retract the hose is difficult and I, too, fear it may not last.
won't last long...
06/01/2019 by marianne
this is very cute and does work fine but the parts are all plastic so I have the feeling it will not last very is a very good idea for carrying hose around but rolling and unrolling not easy...I bought the smaller one so maybe the bigger size works better?
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Retractable Garden Hose Reel

A portable, retractable garden hose reel makes watering the garden easier. The mini hose reel has a three-jet nozzle, is 37.7 feet long, and weighs less than four pounds. The maxi hose has an eight-jet nozzle, is 54 feet long, and weighs around seven pounds. Both can store and be used standing up or be wall-mounted. Made in Italy.

GF Garden

How does your garden grow? Easier now, thanks to GF Garden’s watering solutions. They're all made to make maintaining your plants and flowers as streamlined as possible.

They lighten up the retractable hose reel so it's easy to carry around the yard. The smaller size weighs less than four pounds and the larger size weighs in at seven pounds—and both can be mounted to a wall, too. A braided, flexible hose retracts back into the reel when you’re done.

The self-expanding hose kit is lightweight and it can extend up to 50 feet with water pressure. It comes with a silicone carrying and storage bag to keep things tidy when the watering is done. And for potted plants and flowers, water spikes do the job. One can release water from a water bottle at a steady rate straight to the roots. See how easy it is to keep water flowing and help the garden look its best? more Their Story