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Steerable Sledge with Brake

Steerable Sledge with Brake

Snow sledding with more thrill Greater speed with more control and stopping power
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  • Instructions: Assemble directly on the slopes. Click on the steering wheel. Helmet use is recommended. Can hold up to two riders
  • Brake is easily accessible while using the steering wheel
  • Deep-digging brake features spring to return to position
  • Steering system maintains high speed in bends
  • Self-retracting rope to pull sledge
  • Please note: Adult supervision required. Always sled in a safe area free of obstacles such as trees
  • Made in Czech Republic
HDPE plastic
Wipe clean with damp cloth
Max weight
264.5 lbs
38.58" x 22.05" x 9.06"
8.71 lbs
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Steerable Sledge with Brake


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Snow sledding with more thrill Greater speed with more control and stopping power
The steerable sledge with an integrated brake is a thrilling, snow-maneuvering ride-on complete with steering and braking. Cut tighter corners and race down the hill faster with better control and stopping power. Lightweight, all-plastic durable construction means kids (and kids at heart) will be riding it for years to come.

Gizmo Riders

The sleds from Gizmo Riders are made to get kids more active and engaged in their world. Wintertime in particular finds kids indoors more and more, but these updated sleds are crafted with durable materials and modern designs to make the activity even more fun while also focusing on improving safety.

The steerable sledge is a sturdy ride-on that has sharp maneuvering along with powerful braking. The steering mechanism makes cornering a breeze and stopping power is just a brake pump away. Want to go classic with a saucer-style sled? The snow discs are lightweight takes that offer braking or multi-handled control—without missing a minute of snow day-fueled fun. more Their Story