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Light-Up Drink Cubes

Full Details

  • Instructions for use: Do not place in mouth. Must be used in liquids that contain ions
  • Automatically lights up when placed in any beverage
  • Light cycles through nine different colors
  • Turns off immediately when drink has been consumed or if it is removed from the beverage
  • Good for events such as birthday parties, cocktail parties, or music festivals
  • Free of BPA, Hg, and phthalates
  • Food safe and nontoxic
  • Reusable, lasts approximately 8+ active hours
  • Batteries are sealed for safety and are non-replaceable
  • No drying needed
  • Please note: Most liquids contain ions, with the exception being straight liquor 40% abv and above. Activates immediately with mixed cocktails, beer, and wine, but may not activate if placed in straight liquor sources (like a shot without any added juices/liquids)
  • Made in China
Polystyrene plastic, LED light, three coin cell batteries
Hand wash only
Four activated light-up drink cubes
Dimensions (each)
1.2" x 1.0" x 0.75"
Weight (each)
0.01 lb

4 avg. (10 reviews)

06/27/2019 by Ann
They really work and are bright. I love these
10/19/2018 by Mae
Being the holidays are coming up I bought them for House warming gift, so not sure what they’ll think. Love the idea so that’s why I ordered them ... just for fun
07/26/2018 by Molly
What a riot! They are fun!
07/25/2018 by Donna
Love these
07/25/2018 by Magdalena
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Light-Up Drink Cubes


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Put this in your drink and you got yourself a party. Made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic, these light-up cubes are engineered to glow when they touch liquid, then turn off when the glass is empty (without any knobs, switches, or buttons).
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Hagan Walker

Your drink will be the life of the party. These liquid-activated light-up cubes turn on as soon as they hit your drink—then turn off when your glass is empty.

Whether you’re organizing a party, event, or using them for everyday amusement, Glo Drinks are professional entertainers. Made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic, they smoothly cycle through 9 different colors for up to eight hours, without any switches, knobs, or buttons.

Glo Drinks started off as a college project. Mississippi Makers Hagan & Kylie, wanted to create a tea that would glow, and invented a way to keep a light on under water.

We’re happy they did. Now, you can liven up a party with just liquid and this.