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Paraffin Wax Treatment Boot

Full Details

  • Instructions: Step 1: Remove pair of boots from package and sealed bag. Set aside detached soft straps. Wrap a single unfolded and unopened boot in a damp paper towel. Place boot in microwave for 60 seconds. Flip and repeat until the thermochromic heart is activated to red. Step 2: Carefully remove from microwave, holding boots by the opening to prevent spilling. Massage gently to evenly distribute melted liquid. The boots are ready to apply when heart indicator is dark grey. Step 3: Cut opening at the ankle and slowly slip your clean, dry foot into the boot with your toes pointed down. Do not raise your foot. Fasten opening with the soft strap. Repeat with other boot. Step 4: Wrap the foot and boot with a towel and treat for at least 10 minutes. Treatment remains warm while molding around your foot. Step 5: Gently remove boot and massage essential oils into the skin. Allow oils to absorb into the skin. Pat dry with a towel. Press air out of treatment, seal, fold, and place back in bag
  • Size Medium fits up to a women’s shoe size 13, men’s shoe size 11. Large fits up to a women’s shoe size 15, men’s shoe size 13. See size chart
  • For best results, use weekly, up to four times for one month supply
  • Paraffin wax is infused with natural pure essential oils of coconut and lavender
  • Formula and design is patent pending
  • CAUTION: Soft straps must not be heated. To avoid spilling, do not tip the opening or raise the foot while treating. Monitor your microwave closely while heating. Do not overheat
Paraffin, coconut oil, lavender oil, vitamin E, polypropylene encaser
One pair of boots and two soft straps to reseal after use
Store in a clean, dry environment in the sealed bag. Do not refrigerate. Opened mitts should be used within a month. Unopened mitts have a shelf life of up to two years
9" x 8" x 1" (in packaging)
1 lb


Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Paraffin Wax Treatment Boot


Shipping Notice

This product cannot be shipped to a PO box.
A one-month supply of an enhanced paraffin wax treatment for your feet that uses a proprietary formula to help moisturize, hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate your dry, tired, and aging skin.
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

gLOVE Treat

Constant use and exposure to elements can leave hard working hands and feet in rough shape. With gLOVE Treat, a revolutionary paraffin wax therapy, you can soothe and rejuvenate parched skin in these vital areas right at home. Veteran spa owner Deanna Montrose noticed that paraffin dipped hands and feet were always popular at her salon. The only problem was that the process was messy and unsanitary and the results were short lived. That's why Deanna created gLOVE Treat—a custom mix of wax, cosmetic grade paraffin, calming lavender, and virgin coconut oil well known for its antioxidant power. The hydrating emollient fills the inside linings of one-size-fits-all gloves and booties. Pop in the microwave for quick and easy heating and a built-in sensor signals optimal temperature and readiness. The treatment wraps hands and feet like a warm blanket and melts in like butter, leaving them richly moisturized and smelling lovely. Good for up to 4 uses, the gLOVE keeps skin soft from hand to toe.