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Touchscreen Glove Stickers

Full Details

  • Mimic skin's conductivity to perform any task as you would without gloves on
  • Can be used to upgrade non-touchscreen gloves or to improve touchscreen gloves sensitivity
  • Adheres to most materials such as cotton, wool, leather, synthetics
  • Please note: Will not adhere to silicone
Conductive vinyl with acrylic adhesive
Two small stickers for regular gloves, two large stickers for insulated (winter) gloves. Large stickers can be split into two pieces to make two small stickers
Temperature range
-4º to 113º Fahrenheit and they will work wet
0.7" x 2.7"
0.015 lb

3 avg. (6 reviews)

Made in the USA
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Touchscreen Glove Stickers

$7.96 $9.95

Make glove fingertips touchscreen compatible┃Conductive stickers┃Work with many materials
Touchscreen glove tips stickers keep you connected to your devices when your hands are protected. Able to adhere to almost all fabrics, GloveTacts upgrade snow, bike, or safety gloves to be screen-friendly. Just place a sticker on a glove’s fingertip and navigate like normal.
Made in the USA
Small Business Support


GloveTacts let you use a smart device while keeping hands covered and protected. Maker and motorcyclist Gregorio de Haro was frustrated by the off-and-on glove routine just to use his phone (while stopped, of course). The lifelong tinkerer created GloveTacts to solve a common inconvenience that doesn’t mean ditching your favorite pair of gloves. The touchscreen stickers transform a fingertip on a glove—like snow, ski, bike, motorcycle, gardening, and safety ones—to be phone-friendly. Touch-sensitive material mimics the electrical conductivity of skin and works with gloves made with leather, wool, cotton, and synthetic materials. Made in California, the stickers are black because of conductive carbon microfibers. They’re an easy fix that mean no more taking gloves off (or going without) to stay connected.