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All-Weather Fire Starter

Waterproof and non-toxic · Works in rain, snow, or wind · Low smoke and no odor

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This non-toxic waterproof fire starter lights up anywhere—even in extreme conditions like rain, snow, cold, or wind. It has a 30-year shelf life and produces no odor when it burns. The starter has a continuous burn time of up to ten minutes, and it’s safe to use indoors or outside.

  • Instructions: For a campfire or fireplace, place one to two pouches in or around logs. For charcoal with a chimney, place a single pouch under the charcoal chimney. Allow charcoal to burn for 15 to 20 minutes before emptying chimney. For charcoal without a chimney, arrange the charcoal into a teepee-shaped pile and place one to two pouches around the pile. Allow charcoal to burn for 20 to 30 minutes. To light the pouch, use the corner as a wick
  • Nontoxic, weatherproof fire starter that works under most extreme conditions
  • Formula is engineered to sustain an intense flame that can reach over one foot in height while producing a continuous burn time up to ten minutes
  • Please note: All-Weather Fire Starter is flammable and is intended for use outdoors or in fireplace. Use only on non-flammable surfaces and in well-ventilated areas. To reduce risk of carbon monoxide intake, always light fires in a well-ventilated area


3 twenty-pouch bags of All-Weather Fire Starter


(each) 2.5" x 2.5" x 0.1"


(each) 0.01 lb




Store away from flame or direct heat source. Do not open pouch


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Bill La Pierre and Jazon Zutaut from GoFire knew a hot idea when they saw one. That’s why they were eager to be the first to bring GoFire (originally from Denmark) to the U.S. An innovative fire starter, GoFire has been a trusted tool in Europe for the past decade, providing warmth and safety to millions, from backyard to backcountry. The waterproof and non-toxic fire starter lights quickly, even in extreme environmental conditions like rain, snow, and wind. Safer and more eco-friendly than petrol-based lighter fluids, it produces no smell and virtually no smoke. Once lit, it can sustain a flame up to a foot tall and burn continuously for up to 10 minutes. Safe for indoor and outside fires, it’s an illuminating solution for fireplaces and campfires.

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