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Water Purification Pod


Use this little water enhancer to purify tap water in a bottle for on-the-go drinking or in a pitcher for the whole family. GoPure’s porous ceramic absorbs impurities and releases trace minerals to balance the pH levels. And it uses an all-natural, fine-grain rock (Diatomite) to filter out lead, arsenic, chlorine, and other contaminants you don’t want in your system. It’s a portable solution for potable water.

  • Highly-porous ceramic made from food-grade minerals
  • Attracts and absorbs impurities such as lead, arsenic, and chlorine
  • Balances water pH, alkalinity, and releases valuable trace minerals
  • Minerals help to improve water taste
  • Great for personal water bottles, canteens, hydration packs, pitchers, coffee makers, water coolers, and RV/boat reservoirs
  • Remains effective for six months of use (or about 2,000 bottle refills/264 gallons) and should be replaced every six months
  • Please note: The GoPure pod is only suitable for enhancing potable water, which has already been prepared and supplied as drinking water
  • Made in Ireland and the USA
  • Made in Ireland
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One Water Purification Pod, glass storage container with cork top


1.5" x 0.5" diameter


0.14 lb


Diatomite, ceramic, polypropylene


Rinse with warm water every few days. Rinse before first use


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This tiny ceramic water enhancer transforms the taste and freshness of tap water anywhere. Drop it in a water bottle, slip it in a pitcher for the whole family. It’s made from highly-porous ceramic that absorbs impurities and releases trace miner…

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