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Grate Grill Oiler

Prevents food from sticking to your grill · Alternative to using a cooking spray

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  • Keeping your grates well oiled is the surest way to prevent your food from sticking
  • Designed with a simple silicone brush and jar that holds 1/2 cup of your favorite cooking oil
  • Simply brush oil onto the grates. The 1.5” wide brush covers several grates in every swipe
  • Alternative to using a cooking spray
  • May also add your favorite herbs to the oil, like rosemary, for added flavor
  • Use on clean grates for best results
  • Made in China
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


One jar, brush, and lid


6” x 4” x 4”


1 lb


Glass jar, plastic lid, silicone brush


Refill oil as needed. Disassemble before placing in dishwasher


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