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Alpaca Fleece Aromatherapy Jar

Alpaca Fleece Aromatherapy Jar

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  • Made in the USA: Huron, OH
  • Materials: Alpaca fiber, pure essential oil, plastic jar
  • Care: Spray fibers with essential oil when scent needs rejuvenation, if desired
  • Instructions: Unscrew the lid to enjoy aromatherapy. Close jar after each use to preserve scent
  • Personal & portable aromatherapy
  • Use in your car, bathroom, at your desk, or while traveling
  • Take it with you to your next yoga session for enhanced meditation
  • Please note: Do not ingest. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid this product
  • For ages 12+
  • Dimensions: 2" x 3.5" diameter
  • Weight: 0.132 lb
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (8 reviews)

01/14/2020 by Cassandra
Great gift! My brother’s new wife loves it. If you don’t know what to give someone, anyone would be happy to get this!
No smell
01/06/2020 by Brenda
Did not like it...not worth the money. Maybe I don’t know how to make it smell!.,?!
So yummy I kept it!
12/24/2019 by Christine
Bought this as a gift, but loved it so much... I kept it! Gentle fragrance, soft wool, perfect.
07/23/2019 by Yvonne
These jars are full of happy smells :-) I keep a lavender one beside my bed as well as one in the guest bedroom:-)
07/18/2019 by Wendy
I love this product! The combo of authentic-smelling lavender and alpaca fleece is ethereal. I take a large breath of it after I turn out the light and it helps lull me to sleep.
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Alpaca Fleece Aromatherapy Jar

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A portable aromatherapy jar packed with fluffy alpaca fleece makes it easy to enjoy a breathe-deep moment just about anywhere. The hand-dyed fleece is infused with natural essential oils. Use one for a quick relaxing or reviving aromatherapy experience or to deodorize a small space. Made in Ohio.

Great Lakes Fibers

Great Lakes Fibers Maker Amy Lowery isn’t just a fan of alpacas, she’s all about them and their versatile fleece. Amy has raised these fluffy animals for over 16 years and has explored many ways to use the discarded fleece, like making dryer sheets with the fibers or using them in the car as a deodorizer. That’s when she had her aromatherapy-in-a-jar aha moment.

The fleece comes from Amy’s herd in Ohio as well as from alpacas at other local farms. She hand dyes the fibers and applies the essential oils. The fleece won’t absorb the oils, which helps to keep the scents potent. Use a jar for an easy in-the-moment, breathe-deep break or to naturally freshen up a small space. more Their Story