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Grillbadger BBQ Cleaning Brush

Bristles made from natural plant fibers · Great for backyard grills and BBQ smokers


  • Made in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Long palmyra bristles for a deep, thorough clean
  • Bristles absorb oils as you clean and become seasoned and helps grill stay seasoned
  • After extended use, shed bristles simply fall off and burn up
  • Works with both metal and porcelain coated grates
  • Made from biodegradable materials, no plastic parts, and scraper is recyclable
  • Can be used on warm or cold grill, do not expose or put brush into direct flame
Made in the USA


One brush


18" x 3" x 4"


1.2 lbs


Wood, natural plant fibers, stainless metal scraper


Clean in warm, soapy water if needed. Wash and rinse thoroughly


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