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Grim Workshop
Slim Multi-Tool Tweezer Card

Durable & lightweight stainless steel design · Credit card sized · Reusable tools

The multi-tool tweezer card includes four different tweezers with varying tips, from incredibly sharp to flat and blunted. Designed to be durable and compact, the card can fit conveniently into a wallet, pocket, or small tin. Each tool is reusable and can be placed back into the card for storage. Made in the USA.

  • Includes four different tweezers with varying tips
  • Features tweezers with two sets of files and two sets of small saws
  • Durable, lightweight stainless steel design
  • Slim card can fit into a wallet, pocket, or small tin
  • Each tool is reusable and can be placed back into the card for storage
  • Perfect addition to any survival or emergency kit
  • Features a tool retention system. One side has a semi-permanent adhesion, while the other side has a permanent adhesive. The semi-permanent adhesion side is non-magnetic and not sticky
  • Please note: This tool contains sharp parts. Please use care during use and assembly. Check that all items are secure each time you carry it with you
Made in the USA


One pointed tweezer, one round tweezer, one flat tipped rounded tweezer, one flat fine tip tweezer. Optional to add on the Slim Sewing Kit Card


3.36" x 2.13" x 0.04"


(each) 0.09 lb


Stainless steel


If tool stops adhering to the tool retention system due to natural oil buildup, remove the steel tools parts, and lightly rinse with cool water. If there is extreme buildup, use light soap and water. Air dry


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