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  • Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2 by Grip Drips - 1
  • Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2 by Grip Drips - 2
  • Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2 by Grip Drips - 3
  • Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2 by Grip Drips - 4
  • Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2 by Grip Drips - 5
  • Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2 by Grip Drips - 6

Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2

Full Details

  • Instructions: Snap the cover over a one gallon paint can. Rest metal part of paintbrush onto magnet to keep in place
  • Locks tightly onto one gallon cans. Spill-proof design keeps paint from dripping down the side
  • Keeping the rim clean allows you to properly reseal the paint can after use
  • Rest paintbrush on the magnet to avoid paintbrush falling in or out of the paint can
  • Easy-to-clean and reusable
  • Easily pours directly from the paint can, eliminating drips going down the side of the can
  • May be used for any paint or stain
  • Please note: Paint Can Rim Covers are designed for one gallon cans only
  • Made in China
Low-Density polyethylene (LDPE), magnet
Two Paint Can Rim Covers
Hand wash with mild soap and warm water
Dimensions (each)
0.5" x 6.69" diameter
Weight (each)
0.06 lb

5 avg. (9 reviews)

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Paint Can Rim Covers - Set of 2

starting at $14.95
Helps prevent drips and spills · Washable and reusable · Holds a brush
This paint can drip shield makes sure paint stays put without drips or spills, even when pouring it into a tray. The reusable shields fit any standard one-gallon can and are easy to remove, clean, and reuse. A built-in magnet keeps a firm hold on your brush too.
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Grip Drips

Grip Drips was created by James Paqua, who started in the construction field. He watched his team struggle to open stuck cans of paint, going up and down ladders while balancing cans and brushes and pouring paint into roller trays—all while attempting not to spill or fall. This sparked the idea for Grip Drips, which his artist wife Emily sketched into life. The reusable rim is easy to place, remove, wash, and fits a one-gallon paint can. It prevents paint from dripping or spilling over the edge and into lid grooves, even when pouring into a tray. A built-in magnet on the rim holds your brush in place, too.
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