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Men's Natural Rubber Sandals Men's Natural Rubber Sandals

Men's Natural Rubber Sandals

by Gurus

Sustainable Living

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  • Materials: Naturally harvested rubber & non-toxic dye
  • Care: Wash with sponge, water, and mild soap
  • Includes one pair of sandals and burlap carrying bag
  • Comfortable, soft rubber conforms to feet
  • Secure, adjustable ankle strap
  • Unique, stylish design
  • Size chart available here
  • Please note: Not intended to be worn by those allergic to latex
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (each sandal): XS: 9.5" x 4" x 2"; S: 10" x 4.5" x 2"; M: 10.5" x 5" x 2"; L: 11" x 5" x 2"; XL: 11.5" x 5.5" x 2"; XXL: 12" x 6" x 2"
  • Weight: Pair: 0.5 lb.
Sustainable Living


3.5 avg. (38 reviews)

My Gurus Sandals
07/25/2019 by Carmela
These are the best leisure sandals I've ever worn....
Surprised how comfortable
07/23/2019 by Barbara
I’m happy with these although it does take time to get used to the toe holder. I will buy again
Love, love
02/23/2019 by Lori
These are GREAT!! My second pair! I always get people asking where I got them. Very comfortable!
Very comfortable shoes-then size changed
09/16/2018 by Hilda
I got my first pair in Small quite a few years ago. I would give them an A+. Actually it was the first time I saw them. I had to have them.The style has a great "wow" factor. They are very comfortable for me and I love that they don't "flop" with every step. This spring I ordered 2 more pairs because I was having some foot issues and these were the most comfortable for me. However, the new ones in Small are quite a bit larger than my original small size. The toe piece is also higher and I can't wear them at all. I was very disappointed, but got too busy to contact The Grommet. I will give them to a charity flea market and hope someone else can enjoy them as much as I do.
Thick Toe Post
06/13/2018 by Elizabeth
Had high hopes for these minimalist sandals. Alas, the toe post is quite thick and is actually painful between my first and second toe to the extent that after wearing them for about one hour I had to take them off and try to provide some comfort to my sore toes. I won't be wearing them again.
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Men's Natural Rubber Sandals

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These natural rubber sandals are made from soft, sustainably grown latex that conforms to your feet—so you’ll almost feel like you’re barefoot. Inspired by 5,000 year-old traditional Indian wooden sandals, the angled strap hugs your foot to give a secure fit and prevent that flip-flopping sound, too. For every pair bought a tree is planted in Africa, suited to the specific needs of a community.


These natural rubber sandals are steps beyond your average flip-flops. They’re eco-friendly, comfy, and don’t make that flapping noise when you walk.

Maker Prem Thomas modeled Gurus after 5,000-year-old traditional wooden sandals from India. (The same shoes worn by his grandfather and Ghandi himself.)

The minimalist design almost looks like you’re barefoot—and it feels like it, too. Made of sustainably grown rubber latex, the sandals conform to your feet over time. And because they’re made from natural rubber, they’re durable and biodegradable, unlike the petroleum-based synthetic rubber in most other flip-flops.

To further help the planet, for every pair of Gurus sold, they plant a tree in Africa to help the environment and the population. Working with local communities, they choose trees that are apt to the solve issues in that area—from banana trees for food to plants that prevent erosion.

Fashion always repeats itself, and with these sandals, it’s better the second time around. more Their Story