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Haiti Projects
Sachet - Set of 3

Filled with open-bud lavender · Calming scent · Exquisite look & feel



Veve symbol sachets are inspired by traditional, folk spirit symbols in Haiti. Filled with organic open-bud lavender, these sachets are exquisite in look, feel, and smell. Each design sachet is tied with two plain sachets in coordinating muted colors. Perfect for your drawers, linen closet, or car.

  • Sewn with linen for an exquisite look and feel
  • Filled with organic open-bud lavender
  • Place in linen drawers, next to your bed, under a pillow, or anywhere you need scent or want to relax
  • The Veve Spirit Ayizan embodies empowerment, being powerful, and embracing all that you are and are becoming
  • The Veve Spirit Legba represents the crossroads between you and the spirits, facilitating communication, speech, and understanding
  • Made in Haiti
Social Enterprises
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Three sachets


(each) 4" x 4" x 1"


(each) 0.1 lb


Linen, California lavender buds


Spot clean as needed

Please note: orders for this product will ship out on Thursday of each week.

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As the founder of Haiti Projects, Inc., Sarah Hackett has been working in Haiti for over 15 years and is all about grassroots projects that enable the Haitians to help themselves. Sarah is fighting poverty on multiple fronts—supporting local medica…

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