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Handbag Problem-Solver

Handbag Problem-Solver

Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Materials: Fade and stain-resistant vegan leather; Hardware: Zinc alloy
  • Five percent (5%) of the purchase price of every Cerise Pink Handbag Handcuff® sold year-round will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF) to raise awareness and further its research programs
  • One-click action for both carabiners
  • Middle pouch can hold keys, receipts, or cash
  • Internally reinforced with webbing and lined with cotton
  • Auxiliary strap for added functionality—can be used to hold additional items or as a hanger; made of durable nylon webbing
  • Dimensions: 10" x 2.25" x 0.325"
  • Weight: 1 lb
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (205 reviews)

10/13/2019 by Peggy
I love this purse holder. I cannot tell you how many times my purse has fallen on the floor of my car. This is a great idea...and so many people have loved this idea. This also goes with me inside the grocery store...just hook it up, and I am good to go.............. and my purse is safely secured!
Too Big to be Practical
09/25/2019 by Laurel
This was a great idea and is attractively designed, however, the actual product is just way too large and heavy to be practical. I had hoped to be able to leave it attached to my Michael Kors purse and to attach it to my shopping cart (to prevent being a snatching victim) but it's so heavy it's impractical to carry around. I'll keep it in my car just in case I find myself in a situation where I can actually use it but realistically, it's just too large for me to want to mess with it.
Easy, secure, piece of mind
08/27/2019 by valerie
I own a convertible, with the handbag handcuff I don’t have to worry about someone reaching in and snatching my purse at a stoplight. My purse doesn’t fall, it’s always within my reach.
08/19/2019 by Kathy
Was very pleased with the quality for the price. It's made well/ strong, have only used it for my purse...curious to try with groceries! Would definitely recommend!
Super handy!
07/31/2019 by Martha
I really like my new handbag handcuff! My bag slides off the front passengers seat and then I cannot reach it! This solves everything. Such a small thing but a great big help. Thank you for making this a quality piece, and not a cheap junk one! I really appreciate it!
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Handbag Problem-Solver

Two carabiners connected to a travel pouch secure your bag handle anywhere you want, such as the headrest post of your car, shopping cart, chain link fence, or stroller handle.

Handbag Handcuff

Women choose their handbags carefully, often spending a small fortune on them. Yet, in the car or in a restaurant, the only place for the bags we love is on a dirty floor. Now you can give your pocketbook a little pick me up with the Handbag Handcuff, the perfect complement to your favorite purse.

Tired of watching her handbag tumble off the front seat and spill every time she hit the brakes, busy mom Beth Corets decided to do something about it. The idea for the Handbag Handcuff came to her while driving, so it's only natural that she sketched the design right then and there in her car.

This smart, stylish accessory works just as great as it looks. In the car, simply cuff one carabiner to the passenger headrest post and the other to the strap of your bag to keep it in place. In a restaurant, hook it to the back of your chair. The Handbag Handcuff can also help protect your personal items from loss, or worse, sticky fingers, when clipped to your grocery cart, baby stroller, or to your luggage while traveling. Designed to hold up and do no harm, the Handbag Handcuff pouch is composed of vegan-friendly materials and the hardware is of made of zinc alloy, free of cadmium and lead.

You carry your life in your handbag, you may as well keep it safe and secure. more Their Story