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  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 1
  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 2
  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 3
  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 4
  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 5
  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 6
  • 36" Picture Hanging Tool by Hang It Perfect - 7

36" Picture Hanging Tool

Full Details

  • Instructions: Slide the Hang It Perfect arms to align with the frame's hardware. Slip the hook into the hardware​. Remove Hang It Perfect from frame. Place Hand It Perfect against the wall with the level facing you​. Once Hang It Perfect is level, press the hooks to push pin into wall​. Install wall hardware into the mark made on the wall by the pin. Hang frame and enjoy
  • Compatible with most hanging hardware including safety hangers
  • Can be used for wire or hooks spanning up to 36"
  • Can be used to hang other objects such as mirrors, shelves, and flat screen TV mounts
  • Detailed print and video instructions available
  • Collapsible for compact storage
Dimensions (in packaging)
39.5" x 4.5" x 2"
1.25 lbs

3.5 avg. (29 reviews)

36" Picture Hanging Tool

starting at $22.95
Easily hang pictures, mirrors, towel bars, wine racks, or flat screen TVs perfectly straight and level in two minutes.

Hang It Perfect

You’ve found the perfect artwork to fill your empty wall space, there’s just one last headache-inducing hurdle: the dreaded picture-hanging process. No matter how carefully you measure, you wind up with rogue pencil marks, extra nail holes, crooked frames, and uneven spaces between pictures. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, including Mike Marks. After a particularly frustrating hanging project, Mike started brainstorming a better way. A contractor by trade, he invented a tool that makes it easy to align, level, position, and . . . hang it perfect. Hang It Perfect has a crossbar with a built-in level that aligns the top of the frame. Two adjustable arms run perpendicular to the crossbar to determine the perfect spot for nails/hooks. Lay your artwork face down on a flat surface, place the Hang It Perfect tool on the back, then tweak the position of the adjustable arms until it’s just right. Then move Hang It Perfect to the wall, level it, and press the end of each arm pin to leave a small dimple where the nail needs to go. You can also use the arms to evenly space groups of frames. Hang It Perfect really takes the hassle out of hanging pictures, mirrors, shelves, wine racks—you name it. We’re definitely hooked.
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