Push & Hang Picture Hanging Tool

By Hangman Products

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No hammer needed with this picture hanging system—and no measuring or guesswork, either. Just push and hang. Load one or two brads into the tool, straighten it up (thank you, built-in level), and push to insert them into your wall at the perfect angle and depth. Brads store in the tool to make it an even easier task.

  • Instructions: Adjust to desired width. The arrows point to the mounting hardware on the back of your frame. Insert two nails head first into bottom side of each nail plunger. Place against the wall and use bubble level to align. Place your palms on both handles and push firmly to install nails into the wall
  • Magnetic holders pull the nails in and keep them from falling out
  • No other tools needed to quickly hang frames
  • Installs two nails at a time, each nail holds up to 5 lbs (10 lbs total)
  • Can also be used as a marking tool for other fasteners
  • Please note: Compatible only with #17 brads, available at your local hardware store
  • Made in China
Additional Information:
  • Materials: Plastic, anodized aluminum
  • Includes: Twelve #17 wire brads (picture nails), 1 level
  • Dimensions: 16.12" x 2.13" x 5.3"
  • Weight: 0.58 lb

About Hangman Products

The Hang Of It

Hangman Products' picture hanging system comes from Maker Michael Van Horst, who is also a realtor. Michael has seen the inside of many homes, and this is where it struck him that so many folks had prints and pictures ready to be hung—but hadn’t quite made it to the wall yet, or had pieces hanging oh-so crookedly. He decided to make a way to do the hanging job quickly, easily, and straight, of course.

His tool eliminates eyeballing, guessing—even measuring—and delivers perfectly straight results. Load the tool with the conveniently stored brads and magnets will hold them in place. Use the built-in level to make sure the tool is straight, then push on the handles to punch the brads into the wall, kind of like a stapler. That’s it—you’re ready to hang photos and artwork, and stand back and admire how nice that wall now looks.