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Heat Holders®
Men's Brushed Thermal Socks

Plush, super-soft yarn · Traps in heat and wicks moisture away · Amped-up warmth

These men’s brushed thermal socks are perfect for kicking around the house or heading outdoors on even the coldest days. Made with yarn that has an extra long, looped-cushion pile, these cushy, cozy socks keep heat close to the body while wicking away moisture.

  • Fit men's US shoe sizes 7-12
  • Acrylic yarn wicks away moisture, keeping feet warm and dry
  • Non-binding and diabetic-friendly
  • Provides relief for cold feet due to circulation problems

Ultra Lite:

3x warmer than cotton socks. Wear with tighter-fitting boots or shoes such as dress shoes


4x warmer than cotton socks. Wear with more casual-fitting boots or shoes such as sneakers


7x warmer than cotton socks. Wear with roomier-fitting boots or shoes such as heavy winter boots


One pair of socks


(varies) 5" x 7.1" - 9.4" x 9.1"


0.25 lb


89% acrylic, 10% nylon, 1% elastane


Machine wash in warm water. Do not tumble dry or wash inside-out


Heat Holders®

Heat Holders Maker David Doughty knows socks inside and out. After a career spent manufacturing them, he switched gears and began making his own in the garage. His inspiration? His son’s struggle with cold feet during a soccer game. David’s take on socks is plush, cushy, and up to seven times warmer than typical cotton socks. That’s due to the brushed yarn’s extra-long, cushiony pile that traps heat close to the body while wicking away moisture. What's best of all is how ultra-soft the socks feel. Cozy for indoors and hardy for outside, Heat Holders keep feet warm no matter where you walk.