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Men's Brushed Thermal Socks

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  • Fit men's US shoe sizes 7-12
  • Acrylic yarn wicks away moisture, keeping feet warm and dry
  • Non-binding and diabetic-friendly
  • Provides relief for cold feet due to circulation problems
  • Made in Indonesia
89% acrylic, 10% nylon, 1% elastane
Machine wash in warm water. Do not tumble dry or wash inside-out
One pair of socks
Ultra Lite
3x warmer than cotton socks. Wear with tighter-fitting boots or shoes such as dress shoes
4x warmer than cotton socks. Wear with more casual-fitting boots or shoes such as sneakers
7x warmer than cotton socks. Wear with roomier-fitting boots or shoes such as heavy winter boots
Dimensions (vary)
5" x 7.1"-9.4" x 9.1"
0.25 lb

5 avg. (11 reviews)

Toasty warm tootsies!
01/05/2020 by Jennifer
I bought these as a gift for my hubby whose feet always get cold at work. He loves them and reports that besides being nice and soft, these socks do really help to keep his feet warm!
Wam socks
12/19/2019 by Bill
I have tried both the Lite and ultra-lite versions and I am very happy with both. I would highly recommend these socks.
Love them
12/18/2019 by Debra
Love them. I bought the thin ones. They are perfect in my boots and they are so soft. I will be buying more.
Soft and warm
12/17/2019 by Barbara
My husband loves them. They keep him warm and they are so soft.
Pampered feet with thick, warm and soft socks
12/12/2019 by Susan
I bought these for my hubby. The feel is luxuriously soft. They’ll keep his feet warm while shoveling snow, working on the car (hobby) and relaxing in front of the tv.
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Men's Brushed Thermal Socks

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Plush, super-soft yarn · Traps in heat and wicks moisture away · Amped-up warmth
These men’s brushed thermal socks are perfect for kicking around the house or heading outdoors on even the coldest days. Made with yarn that has an extra long, looped-cushion pile, these cushy, cozy socks keep heat close to the body while wicking away moisture.

Heat Holders®

Heat Holders Maker David Doughty knows socks inside and out. After a career spent manufacturing them, he switched gears and began making his own in the garage. His inspiration? His son’s struggle with cold feet during a soccer game.

David’s take on socks is plush, cushy, and up to seven times warmer than typical cotton socks. That’s due to the brushed yarn’s extra-long, cushiony pile that traps heat close to the body while wicking away moisture. What's best of all is how ultra-soft the socks feel. Cozy for indoors and hardy for outside, Heat Holders keep feet warm no matter where you walk.