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Windproof Carbon Umbrella

Windproof Carbon Umbrella

Full Details

  • Wind-resistant suspension system can withstand winds over 70 mph
  • Dual carbon fiber construction fused by ballistic grade polycarbonate joints
  • Umbrella cover embedded in handle for easy storage
  • 10-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Interchangeable canvas can be removed by quick snap connections along the ribs
  • Made in China
Frame: Carbon fiber & stainless steel; Canvas: 210 thread-count water-repellent Pongee fabric
41” diameter
13" x 2" diameter
0.9 lb


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Windproof Carbon Umbrella

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A windproof umbrella withstands the elements so you stay dry. Inspired by automotive technology, this carbon- and steel-frame umbrella utilizes a patented suspension system to pivot and adjust to the most chaotic of winds. Flip-proof, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Hedgehog Umbrella

Hedgehog Umbrella isn’t just a better umbrella—it’s an all-new approach to staying dry. Creative duo Kevin Truong and Cahay Ho, mechanical engineering coworkers, were growing increasingly frustrated by the never-ending cycle of broken umbrellas in rainy Vancouver. The pair decided to develop their own unbreakable umbrella, pulling from their automotive design experience and collaborative spirit.

Inspired by technology found in cars, the team integrated a suspension system that incorporates individual pivot points into the carbon fiber and stainless steel frame. Each component ended up completely redesigned, for a totally new umbrella structure that’s windproof and unflippable. Constructed to withstand winds up to 70 mph, this water-repellant wonder is built to last for 10 sturdy years. more Their Story