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Headache Acupressure Rings

Helps trigger acupressure points · Drug-free and all-natural alternative

Headache acupressure rings are an all-natural and drug-free way to try to experience some relief. Place the stainless steel rings between the thumb and forefinger on your hands to help trigger the hegu acupressure point believed to be the key to treating head and face discomfort. Add an extra set to feet to help promote all-over relaxation.

  • Instructions: Place the ring within the v-shaped junction between your thumb and forefinger. May also be used between your big toe and second toe
  • Drug-free alternative treatment for headaches and face discomfort
  • Small rings fit children or petite women, medium rings fit average-sized hands, and large rings fit larger hands for both men and women
  • Made of recyclable steel
  • Please note: Do not use if you are pregnant
Made in the USA


Two Headache Acupressure Rings


2" diameter


0.125 lb


Stainless steel



Hegu Maker and acupuncturist Mary Jane Neumann created acupressure rings as a take-home solution for clients who experienced headaches. The rings are shaped to target the hegu point, or “joining valley”, in hands (between the thumb and forefinger) believed to be the center of relief for head pain. Hegu also represents Mary Jane's mission to merge an ancient modality with the modern world. The ancient practice of acupressure, or stimulating pressure points, is thought to help move energy through the body. By triggering the point thought to create head pain, it’s believed you can experience relief in an all-natural and drug-free way. Want to go for full-body relaxation? Add a set of the stainless steel rings to feet as well as hands to help trigger the points thought to provide all-over relaxation.